Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Speaking in Shadows: Technicolour Trainwreck (Review)

Speaking in Shadows are back! The 5 piece alternative rockers from Nuneaton are back with a new song from their upcoming EP The Lies We Lead.

This is Technicolour Trainwreck

There's no waiting around SIS kick off the song straight away with a strong, fast guitar riff and a drum and bass line that keeps my fingers tapping through out. It's always great when a song starts out powerful, it makes you want to listen, to pay attention and before I'm 20 seconds in Technicolour Trainwreck has me hooked. Adam has a fantastic voice and range that he shows off through out the song, my only issue really is that sometimes I lose him, he just slips into the music at times and I find I have to listen just a little bit harder to hear him clearly. In the middle of the song it slows, Adam's voice being heard above everything else it also adds a nice diversity to powerful song. The guitar solo is just an excuse to jump around and go a little bit mad or for some of us a great chance to admire the skill Ali and Lewis.
I always think of SIS being very good with their lyrics and they not disappoint here "Technicolour trainwreak takes a hold and reminds us we're alive"  As a lyrical style it reminds me of the one used by Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low, they're not repetitive the lines changing each time with different and meaningful words.

To do a review I find myself listening to a song, over and over and over again and sometimes I begin to hate the song a little bit just out of sure overplay. This did not happen listening to Tehnicolour Trainwreck, in fact I would say I fell more in love with it each time I hit repeat.

Altogether I think Speaking in Shadows have come back with maybe their best song yet! I can't wait to hear the rest of the EP when it's released next month.

Listen to Technicolour Trainwreck here

Check out Speaking in Shadows Facebook here

Friday, 13 June 2014

Double Lined Minority: White Flag review

If it wasn't hot enough here today I have a band from the awesome sounding Gold Coast Australia. 
This is 4 piece Pop-Punk band Double Lined Minority and their song White Flag

Straight away it's a smashing piece of clean cut, well produced pop-punk. Staring off a guitar riff I might think as a little heavier, with a drum beat that has me doing a very bad impression of a drummer and banging me head. So barely 20 seconds in and it's showing a fantastic originality I've heard more pop-punk bands than the Winchester brothers have died but Double Lined Minority have put a new spin on it and honestly as a genre of music I didn't think I could love it anymore, yeah I was wrong. As for the song it's self it's fast, it's got a beat that I can't sit still and listen, it's catchy that I find myself humming it long after I've stopped listening. Vocally it switches between two people, mainly Eddie but with Cameron taking over at times too, it's a good mix of different voices and styles of singing. Lyrically it's catchy, it's very quick after hearing it that I'm singing along I'm not really sure what the lyrics mean but they're not meaningless. It's like All Time Low's Backseat Serenade in I love the lyrics but I'm not 100% sure I know what you're talking about. It is very well produced it's not often I can everything so well, from the vocals to the bass line I've heard top 40 songs with worse production that this I'm not gonna lie. 

Altogether Double Lined Minority have crated a unique style and a fantastic song to boot! If I had to compare it to something (and I really had to think about this) it would be All Time Low's A Love Like War  as it's a slightly heavier piece of pop-punk.
I can't wait to hear more of these guys, and if you do actually live in Australia I'd advise going to see these guys live because White Flag makes it sound like it would one hell of a good time! 

Listen to White Flag here 
Check out Double Lined Minority's Facebook here