Friday, 21 November 2014

These Curious Thoughts: Inventing Dr Sutherland And His Traveling Hospital (Album review)

Today I have something unique for you. This is duo These Curious Thoughts, they're made up of Jim Radford who writes all the lyrics and Sean Dunlop who puts them to music. They've been creating music together for the past ten years.

This is their latest album: Inventing Dr Sutherland And His Traveling Hospital. 

Now unlike a lot of music these days they don't just have 12 tracks that have no connection to each other, each song on Inventing Dr Sutherland tells the story of a travelling psychiatrist who sails across the sea to the great state of psychosis. As for the music its self it has quite a rock feel about it, with that foot tapping beat and faster rhythm. There are some exceptions, such as Choking On The Walls to me has more of a country feel about it, The Dark Room is definitely more melodic and Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde is something different all together! There are definitely some some stand out tracks, Backpack Full Of Tears, Born Again, Chains and An Ocean Song. Backpack Full Of Tears being my personal favourite. 

 I think one of things that let this album down are the vocals, they're not bad as such but more like he's got one of those voices you don't want to listen to for long periods of time, he might as well be talking instead of singing because to me singing should make you want to join in and I'm really not feeling that here.I found some of the songs sort of merging together as 15 tracks is quite a lot and I had trouble giving it my full attention as it seemed to just slip into the background.   

Inventing Dr Sutherland and His Traveling Hospital is a really unique album, telling an interesting story and some great music. . All that said I really enjoyed the experience of listening to something different and it's totally worth checking out for anyone out of something new!   

Listen to Inventing Dr Sutherland and His Traveling Hospital here

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Sunday, 14 September 2014

Calling All Captains: A Way With Words (Review)

Taking a trip up north to Canada for Calling All Captains, a four piece Pop-punk band who formed early this year.

This their song A Way With Words from their debut EP of the same name.

There's a not a lot to say about this song, this isn't because it's not good because it is. There isn't much to say because A Way With Words is a great piece of acoustic Pop-punk, proving that two acoustics and vocals can make for a perfect song. It's the only acoustic song on the EP, it's always great to get that bit of diversity and that change of pace so you can hear a band in a different light.
It's catchy and I'm tapping my foot do it, Mike's vocals standing out beautifully against the simple guitar. Lyrically it's quite simple but it works, and I just get this feel of old Bink-182 style punk. No It's not the most original song I've ever heard, but this is a first EP and it's really great for that. If you look back at All Time Low's The Three Words To Remember When Dealing With The End that's a great little EP but they've improved so much as a band since then and Calling All Captains show that kind potential.

Calling All Captains proving that simple can be best!

Listen to A Way With Words here

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Friday, 5 September 2014

An Honest Year: Everything Man (Review)

I'm back with an old favourite, this is An Honest Year with their new single Everything Man. The five piece Alt-poppers hail from Philadelphia and have been one of scenes bands to see since their formation in 2012.

This is Everything Man.

Straight away there's a great vibe to the song, foot tapping or head bobbing. It's a song I can so easily imagine being played live, the whole crowd jumping to the beat and singing the lyrics at the tops of their voices.
I've listened to a lot of bands in my time and it's rare to find one with such quality, the production is amazing. everything mixed together very well, it's in perfect harmony as they say.
Matt has a strong voice, he stands out and I know everything he's singing, his voice also quite sweet, he really makes me want to sing along.
The lyrics are a bit of soft spot for me personally, I've always loved stories of the best friends falling in love or in other words a girl not seeing the her Everything Man has been standing right beside her the whole time. The lyrics themselves will get stuck in your head, I'll be singing them for hours!
It is poppy and it isn't, it's not cheesy like pop can be but it's got that infections beat and hook that has you singing along but at the same time you've got these fantastic guitars, drums and bass that gives it gives it that something more. It's not pop-punk, or pop-rock nope this is purely An Honest Year.  

I did a review of Liar & a Thief and going back to compare them, there is a difference, Liar & a Thief has more of a rocky feel, the lyrics are more repetitive and it's just really nice to have a band who grow and change. Everything Man is different from An Honest Year's previous work but my god it's good!

Listen to Everything Man here

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Also check out my review of Liar & a Thief here


Thursday, 4 September 2014


Hey guys,

Sorry it's been so long since I've posted, I broke my laptop :( I should be all back and up running, with some good things coming!

See ya soon
Em xxx

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Ryker Sear: Forever Criminal (Review)

Today I have Ryker Sear 4 piece, female fronted, rock band from Milton Keynes. "A band that's all about; energy, catchy songs, going nuts and putting on a great show, and last but certainly not least...enjoying making and playing the music we love!" 

This is their song Forever Criminal. 

Straight away it's fast and it's got one of those beats that kinda makes you want a punch a wall (in a good way) it's got that power. I can already imagine hearing this live and just having the whole crowd on their feet, you can't just can't stay still and listen to it Forever Criminal, t's a great piece of modern rock.Production is really good, everything has sharpness to it.It's obviously time has been put into this, every little bit of the song is just right, from the guitar, bass and drums so it all fits together. Regan has a good voice, I'm not going to compare her voice to someone like Hayley Williams, they're different genres of music and I think every female vocalist is probably sick of being compared to her. 
It doesn't take long before I'm singing along, though I do have to say at times I had trouble making out exactly what Regan was singing and it takes me a couple of plays before the lyrics kind of go in. Talking of the lyrics they're of running from the past, living with the mistakes and trying to escape the darkness. I love them, singing along it makes me feel like a heroin in a action film, I want to ride a motorcycle just listening to it!  
I always love a good rock song and Ryker Sear have got the mix right! Now I'm off to put a leather jacket, red lip stick and kick some ass! 

Listen to Forever Criminal here

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Em xxx

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Friday, 25 July 2014

I need some help.

Hey guys,
I need some help.
I feel I can't keep this blog as updated as I'd like to and I'm looking for one or more people who would be willing to help me out. I just need someone who's willing to post a review on here about once a week, you would have to find the artist yourself but any genre, any age, any person, as long as they're unsigned and you've asked them first!

If anyone's interested please email me at and I can answer any questions you have.

Thank you,
Emma xx

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

The Oceans Above: Blue Lights (Review)

Today I'm in Coventry with 5 piece Rock band The Oceans Above.

This is their single Blue Lights

Straight away you're hit with this guitar riff that has the vibe of someone like Mallory Knox, fast and catchy, when Adam's voice, bass and drums come in the whole song just kind of goes off like a beautiful music explosion in your ears. The power and the skill of the music is absolutely amazing, I wish I could just say it's amazing and leave it at that.
Production wise everything is clear and sharp, it rings in your ears long after the last chord has been played. Adam's voice is very strong especially as the song goes on he really comes into his own and with added group vocals towards the end there's just that other level. Lyrically it shows some I haven't felt I connection to these kind of lyrics since I heard Sleeping With Sirens Trophy Farther's Trophy Son for the first time.  I am your son don't you leave me alone in this world. The story of a farther who's not there and how the blue lights will guide you. It's both touching, emotional, powerful and equally unique.

The Oceans Above have crated what is to me a perfect song, I couldn't find a fault with it if I tried. The talent these guys show is amazing, I honestly can't wait to hear more from these guys in the future! I doubt this'll be the last you'll see of them on this blog (or I hope not at least.)

Listen to Blue Lights here

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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Speaking in Shadows: Technicolour Trainwreck (Review)

Speaking in Shadows are back! The 5 piece alternative rockers from Nuneaton are back with a new song from their upcoming EP The Lies We Lead.

This is Technicolour Trainwreck

There's no waiting around SIS kick off the song straight away with a strong, fast guitar riff and a drum and bass line that keeps my fingers tapping through out. It's always great when a song starts out powerful, it makes you want to listen, to pay attention and before I'm 20 seconds in Technicolour Trainwreck has me hooked. Adam has a fantastic voice and range that he shows off through out the song, my only issue really is that sometimes I lose him, he just slips into the music at times and I find I have to listen just a little bit harder to hear him clearly. In the middle of the song it slows, Adam's voice being heard above everything else it also adds a nice diversity to powerful song. The guitar solo is just an excuse to jump around and go a little bit mad or for some of us a great chance to admire the skill Ali and Lewis.
I always think of SIS being very good with their lyrics and they not disappoint here "Technicolour trainwreak takes a hold and reminds us we're alive"  As a lyrical style it reminds me of the one used by Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low, they're not repetitive the lines changing each time with different and meaningful words.

To do a review I find myself listening to a song, over and over and over again and sometimes I begin to hate the song a little bit just out of sure overplay. This did not happen listening to Tehnicolour Trainwreck, in fact I would say I fell more in love with it each time I hit repeat.

Altogether I think Speaking in Shadows have come back with maybe their best song yet! I can't wait to hear the rest of the EP when it's released next month.

Listen to Technicolour Trainwreck here

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Friday, 13 June 2014

Double Lined Minority: White Flag review

If it wasn't hot enough here today I have a band from the awesome sounding Gold Coast Australia. 
This is 4 piece Pop-Punk band Double Lined Minority and their song White Flag

Straight away it's a smashing piece of clean cut, well produced pop-punk. Staring off a guitar riff I might think as a little heavier, with a drum beat that has me doing a very bad impression of a drummer and banging me head. So barely 20 seconds in and it's showing a fantastic originality I've heard more pop-punk bands than the Winchester brothers have died but Double Lined Minority have put a new spin on it and honestly as a genre of music I didn't think I could love it anymore, yeah I was wrong. As for the song it's self it's fast, it's got a beat that I can't sit still and listen, it's catchy that I find myself humming it long after I've stopped listening. Vocally it switches between two people, mainly Eddie but with Cameron taking over at times too, it's a good mix of different voices and styles of singing. Lyrically it's catchy, it's very quick after hearing it that I'm singing along I'm not really sure what the lyrics mean but they're not meaningless. It's like All Time Low's Backseat Serenade in I love the lyrics but I'm not 100% sure I know what you're talking about. It is very well produced it's not often I can everything so well, from the vocals to the bass line I've heard top 40 songs with worse production that this I'm not gonna lie. 

Altogether Double Lined Minority have crated a unique style and a fantastic song to boot! If I had to compare it to something (and I really had to think about this) it would be All Time Low's A Love Like War  as it's a slightly heavier piece of pop-punk.
I can't wait to hear more of these guys, and if you do actually live in Australia I'd advise going to see these guys live because White Flag makes it sound like it would one hell of a good time! 

Listen to White Flag here 
Check out Double Lined Minority's Facebook here 

Friday, 30 May 2014

Light You Up: Broken Jaw EP (Review)

Light You Up a five piece Rock/Pop-Punk band from Birmingham, England.

This is their EP Broken Jaw

Firefox starts the EP with a soft but steady guitar riff slowly the other instruments join and it builds into something more. When I'm not typing my fingers are tapping to the beat and when they are my foot's tapping, it has one of those beats where I try and fail at air drumming. Tom's voice comes in, clear against the music that even for the first time listening I know the lyrics he's singing. Lyrically I love it, Play this broken record on your stereo and you'll never be alone there's something powerful in that, if I was brave (Or old enough for that matter) it's the sort of lyric I'd love to have as a tattoo. Production as well is very good, everything is clear and sharp, I can totally get lost within the song. I'd run out of fingers before I counted all the pop-punk bands I know, but Light You Up as put their on spin on it and taken a slightly more rock approach and I love it.

Broken Jaw
It's got a good catchy beat and the fact I have a laptop balanced on me isn't stopping me from trying to dance. Tom's vocals are loud and clear, I barely get a minute into it before I'm singing along too, the guitar solos through out the song are really good and show skill. It's always great to see a bit diversity in an EP like this, something a bit faster that I can imagine being a great live track.

Without You Here
Is a bit heavier, more of the rock showing.Tom shows a different side to his voice, one a bit of each to match the slightly heavier feel to the song. Lyrically just like every song so far they sink in really quickly and then they're in my head till I play the next song. They're the kind of lyrics that stick to you long after the last cords been played. Both Drew and Rob are belting out some amazing guitar riffs that could put my air guitar to shame. Joe's drums even getting their own little solo that adds something different. Each song on 'Broken Jaw' has it's own spin and style, the whole diversity through the record is fantastic and shows some true talent.

Another change of pace, Lifebox to starts acoustic with just guitar and vocals. It's a great chance to just listen to Tom's voice, there's no computers here you can really the rawness of his voice and the range this kid had talent and damn it shows. I love the mix of the acoustic with the full band, merging in and out of each other with beautiful ease. It's a very beautiful song, the lyrics packing their normal powerful punch to an already musically perfect song. I'll always be haunted by your dreams. 

Light It Up has created a truly unique EP, each song is different but amazing, showing a fantastic diversity and talent. If this is their first EP I can not wait to hear more of them.

Listen to 'Broken Jaw' here

Check out Light You Up's Facebook here

Friday, 2 May 2014

Forging the Truth: Warriors (Review)

Today I have a band from Manorville in the state of New York. This is 5 piece Hard Rock/Metalcore/Metal Hardcose band Forging the Truth.

Forming two years ago in 2012 and after going through their far share of troubles and line up changes they're taking the Long Island scene by storm.

This is their song Warriors.

Before I even listened to the song, I was reading the description on YouTube and I learnt the song is dedicated to anyone who has/is suffer depression, self harm, suicidal thoughts. That the whole song was inspired by fans of the band telling them of their experiences and how the band has helped them. I love the whole idea of writing a song to the fans in this way, it's something I've not seen done many times before.

A faster piano starts the song before soon being joined by the drums, at first the song reminds me of Bring Me The Horizons Can You Feel My Heart. As it has that same mix of heavier guitar riffs played to a softer piano.
Musically the song covers all bases, drums have a great focus and I can always hear them, bass line has be tapping along at all times sometimes without even noticing I'm doing it and the guitar solo is just heaven! Vocally it's also very good, Andrew has a great range from strong, clear vocals to start to a heavier almost scream at the end.
My favourite aspect of the song are the lyrics. Lyrically this song's amazing, as I said previously inspired by stories from fans.Warriors is about being warriors against the pain, against everything standing in your way
The scars on your skin are kisses from angels
The pain wasn't enough to pull you from this hell
You've been kicked when you were down
You have screamed, but made no sound
And still you stand so tall
We can stand together, and call ourselves warriors

Altogether I think it's a really great song! If I had a check list of everything I was looking for in a song I could tick them all off here. I can't wait to hear more from Forging the Truth, and maybe one day they'll make it across the Atlantic! 

Listen to Warriors here

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Monday, 21 April 2014

Falling Storm and Paradime live at The Sun Inn. (Live review)

On Saturday 19th April I went to see two local bands, Falling Storm and Paradime.

I'm always excited to see some local talent, I'm always up for supporting unsigned musicians and to be able to do that so close  to home is great. I do sometimes feel Lincolnshire is lacking much of a music scene.

Falling Storm
Are a four piece, female fronted rock band from Lincoln.
Their set which was a mix of their own songs and covers. I'll be honest and say I didn't know a lot of the covers but through out the whole thing I was tapping my foot and clapping along. Through the first few covers the vocals wobbled a bit from nervous no doubt but as they got to their own songs there was more confidence through out the whole band. Even though not knowing the songs myself it didn't stop me from clapping my hands and enjoying them, and listening to them again in future. One of the only covers I did know was Linkin Park's What I've Done, it being one of my favourite Linkin Park songs I was hoping Falling Storm would be it justice. They did, having shaken the nervous the band finishes off with a big cheer from the crowd. A good band with define promise something I will say is in such a small venue like a inn or pub a mic on the drums is not needed as it can compete with the other instruments, especially the vocals. The last thing is they were a very still band, standing still to play their instruments and sing. Now I know the 'stage' wasn't big but as a band you need to talk to your audience.
Check them out here

Are a five piece female fronted rock band, also from Lincoln. I'd say this band had a more confident than the previous. All covers this time, and more I knew this time, including The Middle - Jimmy Eat World, Teenage Dirtbag - Wheatus, Smooth Criminal - Michael Jackson, Left Outside Alone - Anastacia and Numb - Linkin Park. With more covers than I knew I enjoyed the set more as I was able to sing along but I think the band themselves were better, a little more experienced maybe. The vocals showed no signs of nervous  and neither did the other members. I thought Paradime did really well, I'd be happy to see them again and with some of their own songs too. Their only issue really was the same as Falling Storm in not interacting with the crowd very much.
Check them out here 

For the first local show I've been to in a long time I was impressed! I look forward to hearing more these bands and hopefully some more Lincolnshire talent.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Mark Stone and the Dirty Country Band: Self titled EP (Review)

Today I have Mark Stone and the Dirty Country Band, a band based in Texas USA. A country/rock band, describing their music as A Honky Tonk Bar Brawl Between the Eagles, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Alice in Chains Would Sound Like. Turning Southern Rock to 11 one gig at a time.” 

This is their self titled EP

 Whiskey Talkin'
I would say more of the rock with some blues guitar than a country song, unlike what I think of as a classic rock song it's not as fast and upbeat. With the blues style guitars it gives another feel about the song, and the actual riffs are amazing. There's also a familiarity to them, something that after a long time and listening to a lot of sounds I found the familiarity in Bon Jovi. It's not the whole song I found the similarity just the catchy guitar riffs. There's a great vocal range though out the song, more than I was expecting to be honest. In the rare times I've listened to this style of music I'd found the vocals can often be lacking, but Mark's voice is really good, making the lyrics clear and stand out against the music its self. Lyrics is this a story of a man in love with the alcohol or not? I find it hard to tell. Over all I enjoyed the song, it wasn't something I got bored of as I had it on repeat but I wouldn't have called it country by any means.

Hardest Way
Shorter than the previous song Hardest Way it also slower, keeping it simple with the same small beat repeating it's self almost all the way through the song, apart from the end when the tempo speeds slightly. The more times I've listened to it the more it's grown on me, at first I kept expecting it to speed us as it hit a chorus but it didn't. The guitars have more a blues feel than previously giving a different feel than Whiskey Takin'. Mark's strong voice standing out, but it's not the type of song I'd find myself singing along too. It's more a song to listen to that to get involved with. Lyric wise I'm still loving them, the message of learning from mistakes the hardest way is a good one but I don't think they come across that well. As a song it just doesn't make a great impression on me.

Enjoy The Rise
Has more of a soft country feel, I found myself tapping my foot to the beat and swaying side to side. I like the softer, catchy feel of the song, I think it works with the touch of blues and strong vocals. I prefer the music here, I think the slightly softer stuff works for them and as much as I love rock it doesn't always come off. Lyrics this time I did like, an actual story of love and having someone to enjoy the rise of life with.

The music is back to more of a rock sounding but the lyrics have a country feel, and honestly I don't like it. The guitar riffs I still love, there's an obvious skill there and Mark's vocals never fail to be good. It's the lyrics mostly 'Rhonda you make my mind wander in the barn or the cornfield or a hayloft For two, the silo or anywhere when I'm with you' I just find them... cheesy? For people who've been in music for such a long time I'd expect better. All together musicly it's pretty good but the lyrics let it down. 

It's All Good
From what started as a very rock sounding EP with gone to the opposite and hit the country side. A happy, upbeat song and very different from previous tracks. I mean confuses my knowledge on country music isn't amazing but I find myself tapping my foot to it and getting into the beat. I feel that Mark's vocals fit the heavier songs better, his voice can be a little rough for a song like this. Lyrics again I find simple, and I didn't enjoy them. Also I think if you've ever watched Dukes Of Hazzard this could have been the theme tune! Musically this band is good but lyrics just don't match that. 

Drink All The Pain Away
I'm actually laughing at this song, am I meant to? I don't know, it's just hard to take this song seriously. There's a sadness to the lyrics but not the to the music, I do find that in country style music that the lyrics and music don't always fit. I feel like I'm repeating myself saying about the music, but with the added harmonica it's good. Again I feel like Mark's vocals don't fit the song as well as previously, and the lyrics I just laughed. 'My mama got hid my a train in the rain' to me that seems daft but as I said I don't now this gene well. A laugh yes, but a good song? I'm not sure. 

Altogether I'm not the sure how it really works, there's such a mix of things going on. Either be one or the other not all at once. 

Listen here

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Monday, 31 March 2014

Varna Interview!

After the fantastic realise of their song My Heart I got hold of a busy Varna for a quick chat.

For those who haven’t listened to you before, how would you describe your music? And why should they listen to you?

Tiana: Our sound is hard rock with commercial pop influence. If you love rock music with melody, you can't go wrong with VARNA!
RobOrganic hard rock the way it should be without all the Logic 9's! That is also my reason why you should give us a try! Wouldn't be nice to be guaranteed a show where you CAN'T half-ass headbang.... even if you tried?!
Rossen: VARNA is the type of music that is missing from today's music scene. Hard rock heavy riffs, catchy, and relatable!

Who personally inspired you?

Tiana: When you're a musician there are moments in your life when another musician or band comes along and changes the whole game for you. Two people have done that for me. Mariah Carey and Daniel Johns of Silverchair.
Rob: This past three months I have been HUGELY influenced on musical structures from DARKEST HOUR and BORN OF OSIRIS. A lot of changes that are necessary and a lot of unique chords to keep you surprised.
Rossen: Musically, there are too many. Mostly, all the bands that I listened to since high school.

What has your highlight of the band so far?

Tiana: We have so many extreme moments in this band. Some of my favorites are listening to 'This Time, It's Personal' in the studio for the first time after we mixed it, going to NAMM and SXSW in Austin, TX and playing a showcase for Hollywood Records where the crowd went insane for our band. Above all else, for me, it has been the reaction of the fans to our music. We get letters, emails and comments from people all over the world about how our music has helped them. I still can't believe it. 
RossenThere are many, but I guess going to SXSW in Texas last year as a band trip.
Rob: To be honest, I couldn't be happier doing EVERYTHING with Varna: writing new music, practicing old music, saving up and starving together so we can record, stressing each other out over responsibilities, and even simply grabbing dinner together afterwards. Every time I'm with these two, Life is great...

Your all time low of the band?

Tiana: Spending thousands of dollars on a demo and hearing it come out like crap or whenever we would have a band member leave the band. The work, time and money that has to come into play to find another musician will knock your band morale down a few notches because it sets you back months behind.
Rossen: Yeah, when you go through so many band member changes, and you think that you can never find the right people. Pretty much right before we decided to change our name from Living Eulogy to VARNA.
Rob: All time low of the band has probably been when I didn't have a fulltime job and I felt like I was holding the band back financially. I of course found one later (at Guitar Center) because we have so much more lined up to finish this time around.

How did you come together as a band?

Tiana: Rossen and I met in 2009, when he was an electrician and he was installing a fan in my apartment. We started the band in 2010 as Living Eulogy. We found Rob at Musician's Institute in 2011 and we have been a trio as VARNA ever since.
Rob: I know we have our story of Rossen being Batman saving the day with his tools, but now to me it feels like it destiny.

Who’s your favourite band at the moment?
Tiana: My favorite band is still older Silverchair. There are current bands that I love but I tend to like certain songs and albums from artists as opposed to everything a band has ever done.
Rossen: Slayer.
Rob: Killswitch Engage, Slipknot, or Darkest Hour during the day, Orchestra and depressing dark piano for the nights.

The song you’re most proud of?

Tiana: 'My Heart' because of all the evolution it went through and I had stand my ground to get it recorded one last time. I even paid for it all myself at first to get it done. 'Running Away' has taken on new life as a personal anthem for people. It goes back and forth for me!
RossenOur song Running Away.
Rob: Right now the songs I'm most proud of are the new ones we haven't released/shown anyone yet. How exciting is that for you guys to hear?!

Do you think Unsigned music in general needs more attention?

Tiana: I think unsigned bands that have talent and drive need more attention. Think of it this way, your favorite musician who is on TOP 40 radio was at one time, an unsigned musician. If no one took the time to listen to them and fight for them they would never be a signed artist. That is what people are forgetting. 
Rossen: No, but I think that great talent doesn't have enough credit and recognition. There are so many bands that are just wasted because of the lack of recognition and support.
Rob: Not all of it. The public and some very undeserving musicians created a horrible image that most local bands are 7 out of 10 at their best. NOT TRUE IN ANY WAY. Please find this opinion for yourself and go out and give some people a try. You'll never know who you'll become addicted to!

How would you describe your live shows?

Tiana: Monsters of Energy. Our live shows are where it's at. We bring everything we have and we guarantee that you will walk away entertained.
RossenEnergetic, fun, the crowd will never be bored.
Rob: I feel like our LIVE shows are more energetic and pumped up and everything our album couldn't provide. We are WAY more crazy and louder and pumped up on stage and encourage everyone to come out and see to call me out!

When did you first start getting into music? Has it always been a big part of your life?

Tiana: My earliest memories of life I have are of me singing and the way I felt when I heard music. It consumed me and I have always been psychotically obsessed with it 24/7/365. I used to be made fun of all the time in school because I would sing and all I would do was talk about music and bands to anyone who would listen.
Rob: I used to get detention everyday from 2nd grade up to 8th for banging on desks with pencils..... The habit got  only worse so as you can imagine, HELL YES i've always loved it and never will stop. It carries everything with emotion. It's like trying to watch a evil character do his monologue with no godly music in the background.. *blows raspberries*
Rossen: Music always has been in my life. I would play my little Casio Keyboard when I was 8 or 9 years old, without going to piano classes, and I would always come up with songs of my own. I never really liked playing other people's stuff until this day. If I learn a song and don't play it, I forget it immediately.

If you could dinner with any music legend (Dead or alive) Who would it be?

Tiana: Dave Grohl, Daniel Johns or Mariah Carey. I can't pick one! It's the Libra in me.
RossenAvril Lavigne!
Rob: Right now I'd have to choose dinner with Howard Benson. Tiana said she'll buy for everyone :)

You’re stuck on a desert island, you can one person, one book, and what album; what do you pick?

RossenMy wife, Instead of the book I will bring a guitar, Linkin Park: Hybrid Theory
Rob: I would sever my head with neck and put Tiana's head on there with Rossen as my 1 individual guest.  I play drums while she still sings simultaneously. We'd jam till death.
Tiana: Wow. Anything I say, will not trump Rob's answer.

This is like my signature question: What would you do in Zombie Apocalypse?

Tiana: You know my favorite show is The Walking Dead, right? I would find a motor home, raid Wal-Mart for all the food and supplies I could and get underground! 
Rob: Choose between becoming the world's next biggest killing machine or crack down on my intelligence and utilize ALL my cunning to stay alive; either get more physical and less thinking more running, or vice versa. What a badass question.
Rossen: Prepare for war!!!

Check out Varna on Facebook here

Listen to My Heart here

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Varna: My Heart (Review)

Today I have a band from the lovely Los Angeles, this is 3 piece Pop-Rockers Varna.
This is My Heart a single from their debut release This Time It's Personal EP.

When I think of the typical Pop-Rock bands I think of bands like Taking Hayley, Stakeout, Keep The Change but Varna have diffidently put their own twist on it.
More rock than pop, the guitar's sound is fast played with amazing skill I can hear every drop and key change. Drums I never lose, I can always hear them they're no competing for attention but working beautifully along with the song. Again the skill level and production is fantastic. So far in just music terms this song is amazing, but then you add Tiana's vocals and it blow it out of the water. She's has an amazingly powerful voice, so loud, clear and with obvious emotion, I'd love to be able to sing along side her as the song plays but I could never compete with her range. Lyrics are just that little too deep to be what I think of as pop, but that still have that hook that has me singing along before I've heard the whole song through the first time. It talks of heartbreak it a very real sense, never having been in love I have no idea what heartbreak is like but this song made it seem real.

I absolutely loved My Heart, and if Varna ever fancy touring England I'll be there as this sounds like it would one hell of a live track!

Listen to My Heart here

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Monday, 24 February 2014

Taking Hayley Farewell Tour (London date)

It really does sadden me to say that Taking Hayley's Farewell tour has been and gone, and that they are no longer a band. I was lucky enough to get tickets to see them in London on 19th for one last goodbye.

Set No Sail were first the bill for the night. Being the first band on for the night is never that easy, they aren't that many people and were all their for the headliners but this didn't stop Set No Sail from putting on what I think was the first support act of the night. Their songs was fast and catchy, the vocals loud and clear they made you pay attention to them and I was not disappointed. After the gig it's self they were giving away free copies of their EP Take It Easy and sitting at home listening to them again they're diffidently a band worth checking out.
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Twisters I hadn't heard of before so not knowing what to expect I was ready for anything I got a lively pop_rock band. They had a great energy about them and got the now bigger crowd up and moving about with their own light hearted songs and fantastic cover of Taio Cruz's Dynamite. They're a band I'd happily listen to again and be happy to see again.
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White Clouds And Gunfire third on the bill and first female fronted band of the night. They put on a great show, despite singer Evey having a bad throat. They weren't short of energy jumping all over the place and really owning the stage, the crowd was loving it those who knew the word singing along and those who didn't clapping along like it didn't matter. The songs were full on powerful rock songs, and that really showed in their performance.
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Remember December now I have to say for the main supports I think these guys fell a little short...  A pop-punk band with a twist but they didn't make the impact I was expecting, and I doubt I was the only one who thought this, the whole was very quiet compared to how'd they'd been earlier. They weren't bad in the fact they had some good songs they just didn't have the energy and ownership on the stage, they weren't demanding my attention and I had trouble giving it.
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The lights came down and Taking Hayley hit the stage for one last party in London, and they delivered!
Going straight into their third single Better Luck Next Time the whole crowd went mad, through out Butterflies, Tonight (We Come Alive) and Here I Stand everyone was just having the time of their lives dancing, singing and clapping along. Alistair having abandoned his guitar for the night in favour of focusing on his vocals jumped around the stage like a 5 year old on a sugar rush! Andy of The Oceans Eyes fame played guitar in Alistair's place.Up All Night the band's second single had everyone on their feet, we really saw Levi Keeling (Guitar and backing vocals) come into his own, he had everyone clapping along within seconds.  For the fans who'd been there since the beginning  they played Don't Let Go the bands very first song that earned a few tears from the fans. Holding On a slightly heavier song got everyone going and even the start of a mosh pit that carried on into the next song, a cover of Earthquake. The rock version of Earthquake set the place on fire, Tom Paton (Bass) even went wondering through the crowd and was standing the bar at the other end of the room by the end of the song! From Now Until Forever started the tears, an emotional song about being friends and what they achieved as a band. Before Crying Eyes Ali started off by giving a little speech, saying all his thank yous and how much it meant to him that we'd all come out to say goodbye to the band. Crying Eyes played with just Ali, Andy and Jay (Drums) on stage the whole crowd was tearing up at the emotional song, so much so that by the end Ali was crying himself. After rejoining the stage Levi, Tom and Jay gave their speeches each thanking their friends, family and fans for helping their dreams come true. To finish the night they played their first single Circles, everyone went mad and was singing along to the last song and then with one last crash of Jay's drums it was over.

RIP Taking Hayley, you shall be sorely missed.

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Blameshift: Secrets (Review)

Long Island, New York is where female fronted alternative rocks Blameshift are from. They've been busy the past few years building up quite a fan base and earning the title 'The hardest working band in the biz'

This is their single Secrets off their album of the same name.
 I know I've said this before but hey I'll say it again. Every female fronted band these days gets compared to Paramore, The Pretty Reckless, We The In Crowd and so on but always try not to that. Blameshift are their own band not just a copy of another.
Secrets starts slowly, showing off Jenny's voice from the get go. She has a unique voice that's both powerful when the song hits the drop of the chorus and soft in slow beginning of the song. There's a build before the chorus, its starts getting faster the guitar coming more into it that BAM the hook hits. Something I love about Blameshift is that you've got the variety of Tim on backing vocals so you get a nice mix between him and Jenny. If I wasn't typing this why listening to this song you can bet I'd be up jumping about and head banging. It's very well produced, when the guitars switch from the slower into to the fast, catchy riffs that is the the rest of the song they lose nothing of their quality. From about the second time I heard Secrets I've been singing along, it's one of those songs that makes you want to sing the chorus at top of your lungs.
I wouldn't go a far as to say the lyrics make it a dark song, it's a real powerful rock song of love and secrets.
Blameshift have created one powerful, catchy, fast paced rock song that I won't be forgetting in a hurry, they've currently made an impact and they're a band that make themselves heard.

If this is the single off Secrets then listening to the album is diffidently next on my agenda!

Listen to Secrets here

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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Bitter Kids: Monster House (Review)

Canada today with 5 piece Post-Hardcore band Bitter Kids. Monster House is the first song off their forthcoming EP with the same name, that's due for release next month.

This is their song Monster House.
Can you love a song before you've even heard the first lyric? Yep, or at lest I can with this song. If I made a list of everything I think you need to make a great song I could trick every one off listening to Monster House. The guitars that start the song start slow but build into something more powerful with a piano in the background with adds a depth to song. The vocals when they come in are strong and clear, they've also got good emotion and feeling behind them. Adding to the verity of the song there's also some unclean vocals, which in themselves were great. They don't overpower the clean vocals as that can happen so easily but work along side them. Probably my favourite thing about this song (Though it is hard to pick one) are the lyrics, they paint such a vivid picture of this Monster House, of this life. "Maybe I'm not build to last in a scary place like this. The walls are thin, the oxygen is thick with fear from the furnace" And to put it simply I'm just absolutely in love with them as they convey everything I want, that emotion and feeling of almost hopelessness as you're stuck in this pace. Instrumentally it's highly well produced and with the changing tempo I get such a feel for the song.
I honestly can't fault Monster House in the slightest, in fact if I could compare them to another band I'd have to say Sleeping With Sirens, (old style SWS from their album Let's Cheer To This) they've got the same mix of vocal style but I'd say Bitter Kids out do Sleeping With Sirens on the lyric front.
Bitter Kids are a band I mark for going far in the future, so keep your eye out of them!

Listen to Monster House here

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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

The Second Trip: Last Year (Review)

First review of the year and I'm with the relatively new band The Second Trip. Gears started turning for the band in late 2012 before becoming a full band in 2013. Later that year they released their first 8 track EP before following it up with a 14 track album! They're a 4 piece Alt-Rock band from Wolverhampton.

This is their album Last Year.
Listening to it altogether it's a good album, all very classic Rock, Punk songs,  it's well produced with some great catchy songs.
Below The Bridge being the first of the stand out tracks It has really good lyrics, though they do get a bit repetitive towards the end. Starting slow with an acoustic before speeding up so I'm tapping my fingers, my foot always something to the beat, as it is one of catchy songs.
Start The Car was the first single from Last Year and I can see why. It's fast, catchy and it's the first time I'm singing along. Blink 182 is an obvious influence, there's a pick of punk in the rock that sounds like young Blink.
Pocket ft Demi Parkes is my favourite song off the album. Starting slowly and acoustic with just Demi's voice it's something different and almost beautiful, in the middle it's speeded up with an electrical guitar and just Zac's vocals before slowing back into him and Demi's. Lyrics are obviously important to this band, as already they is meaning behind them and they tell stories. Were many times starting out stay away from that at first The Second Trip drove right in, and for them it works.
I love the guitar riffs in Evergreen, they're the fastest, well executed and very well produced. In fact the only issue I have with the song, (this actually stands for a few other songs I haven't mentioned such as Last Year, Hey)  is Zac's vocals, it's not that he can't sing it's more lack of range. He can sound the same from one song to the next, I just want to hear some verity, some power.
Better Times surprised me, there's more power to it and I could definitely see it being a single. The guitar solo was brilliant and with the piano just before the chorus makes it one of the best songs on the album.
Just Like You is again surprising it's one of the only all acoustic song on the album. A change of pace is always good on an album, otherwise an album can get repetitive. The lyrics to Just Like You are some of my favourite on the album, "My body feels like it's about to break, and I don't know what I'm spouse to do"
The Second Trip (Song) In an interlude, just a minute and half of guitar,drum and bass. It's a good piece of music, these guys show talent and this only being their second big release I can see them going far.
Wasting Time doesn't leave much of an impression on me, I'm not drawn into the song and find myself getting distracted rather than listening to the whole song. It's a bad song as such, what I said before about it being well produced and musically good still stands it's just I don't think this song quite fits together.
In My Head does actually get into my head and I find myself singing it later in the day as lyrically it's one of the best. There's more emotion in this song than the previous songs, and it's something that works for The Second Trip so maybe it's something they'll continue in the future.
Open My Eyes is in the style of Taking Hayley's Crying Eyes, Stakeout's The Outcome Of Saying Goodbye and A Day To Remember's If It Mean's A Lot To You. In the way it's start's slow and acoustic and crashing into all electric and drums at the end. It's actually one of my favourite styles of song it has both beauty and power. Open My Eyes comes as a nice breath of fresh air, it has the emotion of In My Head plus the power of Evergreen. It's a great song, the lyrics again brilliant and really mean something.I'd say this is the most stand out track on Last Year. 
More Than Just Friends is a quick catchy song that I can imagine being played live and having a whole crowd jumping to it. It's one of those songs that can get you on your feet. I feel Zac's vocals has improved in the last few songs, especially in this song as there's a better rage.
Everything's Gonna Be Okay, country was the first thing I thought when I heard this song for the first time. It's quite relaxed, something you could happily clap your hands along to, the lyrics tell a story and reassure us that's everything going to be okay. It's just a nice, simple song to end the album.

All together Last Year is a good album, especially for such a young band. It has some great stand out tracks and shows a lot of potential. If you like Blink 182 I'd definitely advise giving these guys a listen, it's worth it.

Listen to Last Year here

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