Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Neon Sarcastic: Chemistry Was Never The Problem (Review)

Neon Sarcastic are back with new single Chemistry Was Never The Problem!
(From left to right) Jamie Flanagan, Bryce Newbold, John Wilson, Joe Pasch and Adam Abbott.
The Alternative rock/rock 5 piece from Leicester are back with new single Chemistry Was Never The Problem which is their second single after Codename: Disaster.

As a lover of Codename: Disaster I was really looking forward to hearing the boys new stuff and I'm pleased to say I wasn't disappointed!

Foot tapping and fast the guitar riffs have got the song of to a great start, this seems to be a slightly heaver side to Neon Sarcastic as they've lost the more poppy feel that was their first single. I'm liking this more rock NS though one thing that hasn't changed is John's vocals, his voice is light, energetic and you can't help sing along with him. Lyrics are catchy and will be stuck in your head for agesss but that's Neon Sarcastic their single's are two of the catchyist songs I know! Though the lyrics 'Something changed, someone changed' were repeated one too many times for me. One of the things I really like is the fact I never lose the drums, there's always steady rhythm through out the song. 
It was a bit of a wait for Chemistry Was Never The Problem but it was totally worth it and I know I'll be listening to this a lot in the future, just don't make us wait so long between singles next time okay? 

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Em xxx

Monday, 18 March 2013

We Are Saviours: Years (Review)

We Are Saviours are back!
(From left to right) Jordan Ashley, Leo Ismail, Jay Adam and Brad Ransome

The 4 piece, Pop/Rockers from Birmingham have had a big re-launch at the weekend We Are Saviours have announced a new guitarist Leo and new single Years.
The first thing I notice listening to Years for the first time is how diffident it is to the bands single Take Off Your Clothes as Years is slightly more rock feel. I love the guitar riffs, there catchy and having me tapping my foot and drum beat has me wanting to get up and jump! In fact the whole does make you want to get up and move, it's quite an infections song. When it comes to Jay's vocals he has a very much his own voice, I mean when he sings you know immediately as he has a very unique voice and strong Birmingham ascent that you can hear as he sings. The lyrics are those kind of lyrics that'll get stuck  in your head and you'll be singing them for hours. They are the kind of lyrics you can imagine singing at the top of your voice at a gig and I look forward to doing so in the near future! `
Great come back, great song and I look forward to everything coming in the future.

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Em xxx

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

CityLights: The Way I Feel (Review)

In St. Albans today with the lovely CityLights and their song The Way I Feel!  Formed in 2011 originally as a 2 piece band  have been touring all over the country, added a 3rd member and been getting ready to release their mini album in June. CityLights don't describe themselves like most bands saying pop/rock or whatever as I found out when I asked member of the band Ric "We don't describe ourselfs  we let others try and guess -we write happy songs for happy people"
Before hearing the band for the first time I knew a lot of hard work had gone  into their music so I was expecting good things. Straight away the acoustic guitar riff has me tapping my foot, as it has a happy and upbeat feel about it. I think the best way to describe Ric's vocal style would be a happy and energetic Ed Sheeran! His vocals are sweet and just really nice to listen to, plus I feel I could sing along with him with ease which just adds to my liking of the song. The lyrics do get stuck in your head or that might be because I've had on repeat for so long! Simple, sweet and catchy the lyrics just keep the whole happy thing going as I can't stop singing along!
I've really enjoyed the originality of the song as I can't think of a song as simple and so bright and lively! I've always liked simple things that are acoustic guitars and vocals and that's what this song is and is why I shall be listening to it for some time as it reminds me a lot of summer (Which with all the snow I'm missing)

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Em xxx