Saturday, 8 February 2014

Blameshift: Secrets (Review)

Long Island, New York is where female fronted alternative rocks Blameshift are from. They've been busy the past few years building up quite a fan base and earning the title 'The hardest working band in the biz'

This is their single Secrets off their album of the same name.
 I know I've said this before but hey I'll say it again. Every female fronted band these days gets compared to Paramore, The Pretty Reckless, We The In Crowd and so on but always try not to that. Blameshift are their own band not just a copy of another.
Secrets starts slowly, showing off Jenny's voice from the get go. She has a unique voice that's both powerful when the song hits the drop of the chorus and soft in slow beginning of the song. There's a build before the chorus, its starts getting faster the guitar coming more into it that BAM the hook hits. Something I love about Blameshift is that you've got the variety of Tim on backing vocals so you get a nice mix between him and Jenny. If I wasn't typing this why listening to this song you can bet I'd be up jumping about and head banging. It's very well produced, when the guitars switch from the slower into to the fast, catchy riffs that is the the rest of the song they lose nothing of their quality. From about the second time I heard Secrets I've been singing along, it's one of those songs that makes you want to sing the chorus at top of your lungs.
I wouldn't go a far as to say the lyrics make it a dark song, it's a real powerful rock song of love and secrets.
Blameshift have created one powerful, catchy, fast paced rock song that I won't be forgetting in a hurry, they've currently made an impact and they're a band that make themselves heard.

If this is the single off Secrets then listening to the album is diffidently next on my agenda!

Listen to Secrets here

Check out Blameshift's Facebook here

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