Thursday, 6 March 2014

Varna: My Heart (Review)

Today I have a band from the lovely Los Angeles, this is 3 piece Pop-Rockers Varna.
This is My Heart a single from their debut release This Time It's Personal EP.

When I think of the typical Pop-Rock bands I think of bands like Taking Hayley, Stakeout, Keep The Change but Varna have diffidently put their own twist on it.
More rock than pop, the guitar's sound is fast played with amazing skill I can hear every drop and key change. Drums I never lose, I can always hear them they're no competing for attention but working beautifully along with the song. Again the skill level and production is fantastic. So far in just music terms this song is amazing, but then you add Tiana's vocals and it blow it out of the water. She's has an amazingly powerful voice, so loud, clear and with obvious emotion, I'd love to be able to sing along side her as the song plays but I could never compete with her range. Lyrics are just that little too deep to be what I think of as pop, but that still have that hook that has me singing along before I've heard the whole song through the first time. It talks of heartbreak it a very real sense, never having been in love I have no idea what heartbreak is like but this song made it seem real.

I absolutely loved My Heart, and if Varna ever fancy touring England I'll be there as this sounds like it would one hell of a live track!

Listen to My Heart here

Check out Varna's Facebook here