Thursday, 11 October 2012

Today I have a review for a band I've done before well I did a live review for them and I thought I'd do another one because I wanted to talk about them a bit more. This is Birmingham 5 piece pop/punk band Falling Faster.
This is there song Alone.
I really like everything about this song, the beat that's impossible not to tap your foot to, the guitars which really get you doing air guitar, a chorus that has everyone singing along. This band have something not every band does really good lyrics about not wanting to be alone and I really good voice singing them, many bands have one or the other but Falling Faster have both plus live they're truly very good, full of energy.
This band has all the important things so I see them going far not sorry they will go far.
 Listen: This was a great video just to top off the fantastic song!
Em xxx

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