Monday, 29 October 2012

Sorry I've not been here in the last few days but it was my dad's birthday weekend so I've spend it with him, we went to see James Bond! Best Film Ever!!!
Today it's Dive Bella Dive, a 4 piece, post pop band from London, I know their not a real unsigned band but they still deserve more recognition for there music. I first heard Dive Bella Dive when they supported McFly  with Taking Hayley in March.
Their song. School, from the first guitar riff I think rock more that pop especially with Barnaby's deep vocals,    but with the catchy lyrics that get stuck in your head. Dive Bella Dive are not your classic stuck in your head all the time poppy stuff, they have something most catchy pop doesn't amazing guitars! You can hear them all the way through never losing the riffs or heaver beat of the bass. Giving the band there own style, which at first I wasn't sure I liked but after I've had it on repeat why I've done this review it's growing on me and you'll probably hear me singing this song in the future.
As for live I only know from what I've read from other reviews and it's not been the best! But with every show you get better so by now I'm sure they'd rock you. One last thing the video is pretty fantastic.

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