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Hey everyone my two amazing Welsh boys a.k.a Faltered are back for the third time but this time we had a little chat :) 

What has been your highlight of being in the band so far?

Highlight...hmm probably recording our album sampler and getting a proper experience of a real studio, makes you feel "proper"! - Conor
I would have to agree with that.. Looking forward to getting the album finished - Daniel

What's been the hardest part of being in the band?
For me the hardest part of being in the band is not living with Dan anymore and working shite hours, it's difficult to write and share ideas when you're both in different places but it's just a temporary thing (hopefully) – Conor
Beat me to it again.. The hardest part is definitely trying to find the time to practice. It's not quite the samewriting parts separately, it's better to get together and do it - Daniel

Personally who inspired you? 
For me it's bands like Biffy Clyro, Hundred Reasons & The Cooper Temple Clause that made me want to write songs. The 2 biggest influences on the way I play the guitar though are Simon Neil (Biffy Clyro) and Matt Bellamy (Muse). I think that comes across in the overall sound of faltered - Daniel
Bands such as Silverchair, Fightstar and Biffy Clyro are my biggest inspirations in general. Specifically relating to my drum style though, I'd say Guy Davis from Reuben and Matt Tong from Bloc Party have been big inspirations. As for my singing style, it seems to be a mash up of all my favourite vocalists. - Conor

How would you describe your music?Interesting, exciting yet diverse. We're no one trick pony, we have a lot more up our sleeves. - Conor
Quite quirky at times but overall pretty damn catchy. We definitely know who and what we are, we like to mix things up a bit – Daniel

What has been the best gig you've been to?Muse at Wembley Stadium with Biffy supporting. Absolutely blew my fucking mind, no gig I've been to since has surpassed it and I don't think anything will! - Conor
Ah, Wembley, hell of a gig that. I think my best would be Foals in Wrexham, tiny place, right at the front, good times – Daniel

Now where did the band name come from? 
Ask Dan. We used to have a different name but ask Dan. - Conor
Well I could go all deep and meaningful at this point but I'm simply going to say, it's just a nice word, easy to remember, doesn't work with 'the' in front of it, simple - Daniel

If you could have dinner with any musical legend who would it be and why? 
Keith Moon from The Who. He'd have some stories to tell! - Conor
Probably David Bowie, he's lived quite a life - Daniel

Favourite Disney film? (we've all got one) 
Nahh, not me.. Or maybe it's Tron - DanielThe Lion King. Has to be. - Conor

Piece of technology could you not live without? 
My phone probably, far too used to using it for everything now! - Conor
Snap - Daniel

If you ruled the world what would you do? 
I would ban use of the abbreviations, lol, tbh, yolo, cba, omg... the list is endless - Daniel
I'd make it compulsory for auto tune to never be used in any song ever. If you can't sing you can't sing, end of. - Conor

The first album you ever bought was?
Pretty sure it was Surrender by The Chemical Brothers - Daniel
Silent Alarm by Bloc Party – Conor

The most embarrassing album? (To make you feel better mine was High School musical) 
I have "The Documentary" by The Game knocking about somewhere, but we don't talk about that. - Conor
Probably that South Park album that was released, it's just 100% awful - Daniel

What was the first song you wrote were you thought 'wow this is good'?
Probably PDTTTWW, it was the first song we ever wrote/played together and the first one we ever put any lyrics or vocals over, and after a bit of tweaking I loved the track. All credit to Dan on that one. - Conor
I totally agree and I'm taking all credit for it.. Nahh, it came together quickly through playing together. That song was definite realisation that we are on the same page when it comes to song writing - Daniel

What is your favourite lyric you've written and why?
 Probably one from a new song I wrote called "Pulled Over". The lyric is "the wool you pulled over my heavy eyes, I'll make a blanket from to comfort me and keep my head from running wild". I think it's nice, my mum likes that one too. - Conor
Erm.. 'a place of terror fear and loss, with equal measures of kindness' Hospital reference - Daniel

You're stuck on a island, you're allowed 1 book, 1 album and 1 person (dead, alive, fictional) Who/what do you pick?
A Spawn graphic novel, because I'm just not that cultured. The album would be Infinity Land by Biffy Clyro and I would probably take that curly haired woman from Lost, she'd be good in a desert island situation - Daniel
I'd bring a book with lots of pages so I could burn it for warmth, I'd take Grand Unification by Fightstar with me and I'd take Steven Hawking. He'd get us off there. - Conor

Who's you're favourite band at the moment?
Arcane Roots, can not get enough of them at the moment - Daniel
Don Broco. Conor

When did you first start getting into music? Has it always been a big part of your life?
 I only started playing music at 17 and singing at about 18, but I suppose I was "into" it at around 15. I didn't take music in school or anything, it was something I got into after all that, which was unusual but felt right! - Conor

I remember my Dad playing The Smiths & R.E.M a lot in the car when I was younger and I started learning the guitar at 13, so yeah, I suppose it has always been a big part of my life. It's always been around - Daniel

When it comes to writing what do you write first, music or lyrics? Music, usually guitars > drums > Bass > lyrics/melodies. Sometimes I'll have a melody in my head as I'm writing the guitar parts, but not always. Can always count on Conor though to come up with something good - Daniel

Music. Always the music! Then we'll splice together lyrics we have written already if it fits the song or we'll write an entirely new set of lyrics. If This Is A Joke was written after Dan named the track. - Conor

What would you do in a Zombie apocalypse? 
Climb somewhere high with a fuck load of bricks, food and blunt objects! And a gun if one was available! - Conor
Well I would always stay in a group, never wander off on my own.. that's just gonna get you dead. Chainsaw, axe, a large knife, sorted – Daniel

Where to you want to be in ten years? 
Preferably touring and working on our 15th album. - Conor 
 Yeah, still doing our thing hopefully, as long as people are listening we have plenty of songs left in us - Daniel

Have a listen to their new EP/Album teaser here: 
Em xxx

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