Friday, 14 December 2012

Hey guys! We're in America today for 5 piece Pop Punk band Chasing Morgan. First heard this band through a friend.
Their EP Battlescars.
Life ATM: Fast guitar riffs starts when I already know will a energetic song that's going to make you want to dance. The vocals are good though they didn't make an huge expressen on me the first time but a after listening to the song a few time they've really grown on me. The vocals also do have a familiarity about them in fact Im reminded of Blink 182. The lyrics are catchy and I'm enjoying singing along!
Remembrance: The intro has something familiar about it and I cant help tapping my foot to it, I just love the whole song everything fits together so well, I can't fault this song at all! How can this band create so many songs I love?
Don't Tell Me Now: is even faster than the last song and the vocals come more out into there own. The fast paced drums and guitar riffs makes me want to jump up and down and the lyrics are catchy make me want to sing! Even though I haven't heard all of the EP yet this is definitely one of my favourite songs.
If Wonder Woman Had A Daughter (Loving the name btw) Another fast, catchy song, again I love the guitar riffs and catchy vocals! There's something about this bands fast, energetic style that makes it hard to stop listening.
Runaway Letter: imagine Green Day + Blink 182 + All Time Low in one song and you've got this song!! It's another great song, that I want jump about to and sing along. I'm running out of things I can say this EP this amazing.
Catalog Demise: At first the guitar riffs seems heavier and I think I could be for a slightly darker song, the vocals are quite light and energetic and but guitars and drums have a more rock feel about them, Again Chasing Morgan have created a song that I shall be singing along to a lot in the future. 

I love this bands original fast, energetic style it's going to be something I'll be listening to do for a long time!!!!
I'd love to see them live and when they come to the UK I'm so going :)

The whole EPs on Youtube but here's the link for Chasing Morgan's YouTube:
Em xxx

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