Sunday, 27 January 2013

Today we are in West London for 5 piece, Alternative Rock  band Paladins! I first got to know this band through Twitter.
This is there five song EP: Prologue.
Bitter For Better,
The first thing I notice about the song are the guitar riffs, hard, fast and amazing to listen to! I would love to see them and watch them do it live. The song reminded me a little of Pierce The Veil though I think that was because they both have such epic guitars! Everything about the song is big and powerful from the vocals, to the lyrics and the of course not forgetting the drums! The catchy chaos that hooks you in, so before you know it you'll have listened to whole EP and fall in love with it...
Everything To Gain,
starts off quite softly but at about 20 seconds in the guitars riffs get faster, the drums and bass comes in and it all kind of explodes into a rock heaven in your ears but that only lasts a few seconds before going softer again. Now Lewis vocals join the fun, his style of singing is very strong,  powerful  and really get me wanting to sing along, though they did remind of the Alex McCable of Silver Story! Lyrics are... I can't quite think of the right words! 'Don't be afraid, to the Phoenix to the flame' they're just fantastic, so strong and bold. I wanted to join in and sing my heart out with them.
The song speeds up ans slows down at the perfect time, everything comes together in amazing way. Second song in and already in love it!
Settle Down, Kids,
Imagine a song that sound like a mix Lower That Atlantis, Young Guns and Pierce The Veil and you're about close to how epic this song sounds! There is only thing I would say about this song, is that Lewis's vocals are not as clever as they have been but apart from that I love all of it. The lyrics are a little darker with 'We're coming for the likes of you' but the fit the harder guitar riffs and drums,
Prologue is turning out to be a amazingly epic EP that I wouldn't be forgetting any time soon!
The Brave,
So.Many.Epic.Guitar.Riffs. Yep they're are so many just in this song! Foot tapping, fingers, drumming and trying not to sing though god I want to. It's one of those songs that's fast and full of power and energy, and with catchy lyrics and brilliant vocals it's another perfect song, I'm seriously impressed with Paladins I knew it was going to be good but this good? I had no idea.
My Hometown Sleeps,
Pierce The Veil is my first thought, it's the guitars again! This song seems heavier, the vocals lower and again not as clear but I love the power in Lewis's voice. The drums in this song are brilliant, fast, crashing with a real rock beat. Everyone song on this EP has been amazing and this one is no exception, Paladins have an incredible style of Alternative Rock that's powerful, catchy, full of energy it's one of the best EP's I've heard for a long time!

One day I hope to see them live so I can hear these amazing tracks at their best, though I don't know if they can get much better.

Paladins I applaud you, this was perfect.

Have a listen yourself to hear what I've been going on about!
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Em xxx

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