Thursday, 21 February 2013

Sorry I've been so quite! But I have gig review for you now. I was lucky enough to get tickets to see Taking Hayley in London.
The opening act were She Formed The Skies. The 4 piece, pop - rockers from Bedfordshire put on a great performance. From the moment they come on stage there was energy and fun, their own songs are upbeat, energy filled and before I knew it I was dancing along! Before they broke into a cover of Party In The USA which had the crowd jumping and singing along, the band even went in to a freestyle 60s style beat which got still got the crowd clapping along. Mid way through one of their songs they broke into a cover of Busted's Year 300, the crowd went mad singing, jumping and just enjoying the song. Even though I didn't know the words to their songs and wasn't singing along with their own tracks it was obvious these guys are good! They were my favourites out of the 3 supports as they worked hard and it showed.
It was a great performance that everyone enjoyed and I hope to hear more from them soon!
Check out their Facebook:
Em xxx

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