Monday, 20 May 2013

Faltered: Fortune Favours (Review)

My amazing Welsh brothers also known as Faltered are back with their album Fortune Favours. I was really excited when I was asked to review this album as knowing how good Faltered work has been I was expecting a lot.
An alternative rock band that write brilliant songs with an original twist that'll keep you hooked.

Leave it Out. 
It's just an intro to the album but makes me very excited for whats to come. Faltered have never failed to make me love their guitar riffs and Leave It Out is no exception.  

Fortune Favours. 
I'm in love with the guitar riff at the beginning with the drums it's a great start to the song. The intro to the song is long but you don't get bored, the interments are much for the focus of the song. When the vocals do come in I don't understand what's being sung and it takes a few plays for them to go in. Intermently it's an amazing song, its fast, powerful and the best part of the song. Vocally it's a bit let down.. The vocal style changes from that sounds like a cross between sings and yelling, that I didn't really like and found I didn't understand the lyrics.

Worth The Wait, 
This song is on 2 EP's then the album and it's still my favorite Faltered song! I love the originality of the song along with the power, the way to changes from fast to slow and the lyrics "Is this worth the wait? Reality widens eyes" are really good and show the talents these brothers have. 

Pulled Over. I love the slow start to the song, for the first time I can really hear the vocals. Faltered always seem to have a power weather it's in their guitars or vocals or in this case both and that's not something you can say about a lot of bands. The vocals even take a turn for the screaming which is something I don't really know anything about but it works in the song, it's one of my favorite things about the band the way they change style though out a song.  

Please Don't Take This The Wrong Way.
Is it impossible for Faltered to write a guitar riff I don't love? Yes it is... I'm in love with the complex of the riffs, the way they change speed and keys. The vocals are raw but really stand out in this song compered to some of the others. Though the instruments still stay the focus of the song which I love as it's not done very often, Faltered aren't a band I can compare with anyone one else as no one else sounds like them.    

If This Is A Joke I'm Not Laughing. From the first few seconds you can tell Faltered are something different as I've not heard of a song start with a mix of rock guitars and something that sounds slightly jazzy... The jazzy part fades leaving the guitars to come out into there own, the vocals powerful and clear and with more screamo vocals which again are great and clear, as I've said I don't know a lot about this style of singing but even I can tell it's good. I can't really fault  this song it has everything I ask for.

Thanks a Million. softer guitar riff and vocals makes for a more relaxing song and with a drum beat that has my foot always tapping, then at about three minutes the whole song gets a heaver touch the guitar riff faster, the vocals more powerful and the drums faster. This song has the best lyrics with the most meaning but all Faltered songs have meaningful lyrics and it's one of my favorite things about the band. The song ends with a thirty second long soft instrumental.

Fortune Favours is out now! 
Go check it out on iTunes 
It's also on Amazon and Spotify. 

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