Sunday, 12 May 2013

The Fleet: Get Up And Run (Review)

Everyone say hello to The Fleet! A 5 piece rock band from Chester.
This is their song Get Up And Run.
I choice to review this song not because it's a single or anything, it's because I put it on and when back to what I was reading (Twitter okay...) but I couldn't. I couldn't stop listening to the song.
I love the mix of guitar, keys and drums at the start, it really pulls you in. The song keeps a steady beat through out that I'm always tapping my foot too, everything comes to together so perfectly for the chorus. Mickey's voice is soft, yet strong and has it's own uniqueness about it and fits the song beautifully. Normally I might find the lyrics a bit repetitive but I don't here. I could really listen, enjoy and almost get lost in the song, I've had it on repeat for so long and still love it.
I really fantastic song, when I read The Fleet were a rock band I was expecting a full on rock song but I didn't get that. Instead I got an amazing original song, that was perfectly put to together and preformed. Yes it's still a rock song but a side to rock that we forget.

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Em xxx

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