Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Paighton: Drive (Review)

Since I saw them live in August I've been looking forward to Paighton's new single 'Drive' and here it is!

Paighton are a 4 piece Country/Rock band from Nottingham.

Their debut single Drive.

Having heard Drive preformed live so I pretty much knew what to expect, but I was still looking forward to hearing the recorded version. Compered to their first EP Umbrella's Away it's a bit more country sounding and I'm not talking Taylor Swift country but the real stuff. It's really nice to hear some new country music as I think this is the first time I've reviewed the genre, rock on the other hand is something I knew quite a lot about. In this song it's just add a nice touch to the song, there's no over powering guitar or heavy beat that doesn't fit the song.
Andy and Joe's voices mix together wonderfully, Andy starts the song then Joe comes in their voices twist together and come apart again it's really quite amazing! Acoustic guitar, piano, bass and drums all work really well, I'm always either tapping my fingers or my foot to the beat. I can hear the bass which is not something I always do, I often lose in the mix of the other instruments but I don't here and it's really good to be able to hear it. I know Paighton are good with lyrics, as I've had Somebody stuck in my head since I first heard it in like May! "I see the church and crowds of people, putting faith in the unknown" There's such great meaning to the lyrics, I love hearing a band who write's like that.
I love a good original band and Paighton this great originality, I've not heard a band like them. With such a great mix of country, rock, vocals, instruments and lyrics.

Paighton come from the members of That Sunday Feeling and they're not the just the same with a new name, they're a new and improved!

Listen to Drive here

Check out Paighton's Facebook here

Also check out my live review of Paighton when they supported Stakeout in August here 

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