Monday, 28 October 2013

Alone Tonight: This One's Goodbye (Review)

Today I have a band from Newcastle, I don't know if I've reviewed a band from Newcastle before...
This is 5 piece Pop-Punk/Rock band Alone Tonight.

This is their song This One's Goodbye.

We all know I love pop punk so it's always good when I get to review it.
Alone Tonight have my foot tapping, and moving to the song with in seconds. Karl's vocals start almost straight away, he's quite a high singer which a style I've heard a few times in pop-punk bands. Karl's a good singer but I do find his voice can get a bit lost, and I have to focus on his voice to hear exactly what the lyrics are. Through out the song my feet were tapping along to the best, my fingers trying to play air guitar along. The guitar riffs are very clear, I'm following them all the way through. The same with the drums, I never lose the beat. The lyrics are good but I do still to the problem of them not being as clear as I'd really like.
It's not the most original song I've ever heard but it's a good song that's great to sing and dance to. Alone Tonight remind me of the American band The Summer Set, and I hope to see these guys get as far as them!

I think these guys would put on a good live show, so if you get the chance I've definitely go. Alone Tonight are a band with a lot of energy that definitely shows in their music.

Listen to This One's Goodbye here

Check out Alone Tonight's Facebook here

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