Thursday, 7 November 2013

In Hindsight: Steal The Show (Review)

I'm back with 4 piece Pop-Rock band In Hindsight, I say back as I did a live review for the band back in July when I saw them support for Taking Hayley.

This is their since Steal The Show.

Pop rock should be good clean, with a good hook, catchy lyrics, clear vocals and guitar. In Hindsight has got that mix just right, straight away I'm tapping my foot and moving to the song. Steal The Show has a great hook, like me you won't be able to listen without dancing along. The lyrics are really lighthearted and catchy "Teach me how to steal the show" I'll be singing them for hours! Micheal has a great voice, sweet, clear and really pulling me into the song. I love it you can feel the energy in a song, the guitar riffs in this song have that energy and are also fantastically catchy.  
Now I listen to a lot of Pop-Rock bands but In Hindsight stand out, just the right balance of poppy lyrics to rock instruments.

Listen to Steal The Show here

Check out In Hindsight's Facebook here

Also check out my live review for In Hindsight back in July here

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