Friday, 22 November 2013

Orchard Hill: Gravity (Review)

In Oxfordshire  today with newly named Orchard Hill, the 5 piece Powerpop-Rock band were originally Disclosure but since changed their name due to confusion with DJ's of the same name.
This is their first release since becoming Orchard Hill, this is Gravity.

When people hear a female fronted band every time they get compered to Paramore, I'm not going to do that as Tiff has her own voice.
Powerpop is definitely the right word when describing Orchard Hill, as they have a pulls you straight into the song. You know it's going to be a good song when it's three seconds in and you already want to play air guitar, the drum beat has me beating the same rhythm on the keyboard as I try to type (Which means I keep misspelling things) All the instrument and the actual music is so fantastically clear, you can hear every chord being played and every beat hit. Tiff has an amazing voice, she's powerful, so clear and she has such a great range. Her voice is quite different to anyone else's I've heard. The tempo changes through the song, giving lovely different levels to the song and different depths of Tiff's voice.  I think what really gives Orchard Hill they originally is their lyrics, there's no repetitiveness about it, all the lyrics tell this kind of story. My favouroite lyrics being "We met in a small town, we stood paralyzed in the rain" 

Now they're a few good female fronted bands out there but I think Orchard Hill stand out, there energetic songs, with fantastic lyrics all sung beautifully. I honestly can't think of a bad thing to say about Gravity!

Listen to Gravity here

Check out Orchard Hill's Facebook here

Em xxx

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