Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Bitter Kids: Monster House (Review)

Canada today with 5 piece Post-Hardcore band Bitter Kids. Monster House is the first song off their forthcoming EP with the same name, that's due for release next month.

This is their song Monster House.
Can you love a song before you've even heard the first lyric? Yep, or at lest I can with this song. If I made a list of everything I think you need to make a great song I could trick every one off listening to Monster House. The guitars that start the song start slow but build into something more powerful with a piano in the background with adds a depth to song. The vocals when they come in are strong and clear, they've also got good emotion and feeling behind them. Adding to the verity of the song there's also some unclean vocals, which in themselves were great. They don't overpower the clean vocals as that can happen so easily but work along side them. Probably my favourite thing about this song (Though it is hard to pick one) are the lyrics, they paint such a vivid picture of this Monster House, of this life. "Maybe I'm not build to last in a scary place like this. The walls are thin, the oxygen is thick with fear from the furnace" And to put it simply I'm just absolutely in love with them as they convey everything I want, that emotion and feeling of almost hopelessness as you're stuck in this pace. Instrumentally it's highly well produced and with the changing tempo I get such a feel for the song.
I honestly can't fault Monster House in the slightest, in fact if I could compare them to another band I'd have to say Sleeping With Sirens, (old style SWS from their album Let's Cheer To This) they've got the same mix of vocal style but I'd say Bitter Kids out do Sleeping With Sirens on the lyric front.
Bitter Kids are a band I mark for going far in the future, so keep your eye out of them!

Listen to Monster House here

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  1. Their music kinda reminds me of Esme, which is pretty awesome! XD