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Mark Stone and the Dirty Country Band: Self titled EP (Review)

Today I have Mark Stone and the Dirty Country Band, a band based in Texas USA. A country/rock band, describing their music as A Honky Tonk Bar Brawl Between the Eagles, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Alice in Chains Would Sound Like. Turning Southern Rock to 11 one gig at a time.” 

This is their self titled EP

 Whiskey Talkin'
I would say more of the rock with some blues guitar than a country song, unlike what I think of as a classic rock song it's not as fast and upbeat. With the blues style guitars it gives another feel about the song, and the actual riffs are amazing. There's also a familiarity to them, something that after a long time and listening to a lot of sounds I found the familiarity in Bon Jovi. It's not the whole song I found the similarity just the catchy guitar riffs. There's a great vocal range though out the song, more than I was expecting to be honest. In the rare times I've listened to this style of music I'd found the vocals can often be lacking, but Mark's voice is really good, making the lyrics clear and stand out against the music its self. Lyrics is this a story of a man in love with the alcohol or not? I find it hard to tell. Over all I enjoyed the song, it wasn't something I got bored of as I had it on repeat but I wouldn't have called it country by any means.

Hardest Way
Shorter than the previous song Hardest Way it also slower, keeping it simple with the same small beat repeating it's self almost all the way through the song, apart from the end when the tempo speeds slightly. The more times I've listened to it the more it's grown on me, at first I kept expecting it to speed us as it hit a chorus but it didn't. The guitars have more a blues feel than previously giving a different feel than Whiskey Takin'. Mark's strong voice standing out, but it's not the type of song I'd find myself singing along too. It's more a song to listen to that to get involved with. Lyric wise I'm still loving them, the message of learning from mistakes the hardest way is a good one but I don't think they come across that well. As a song it just doesn't make a great impression on me.

Enjoy The Rise
Has more of a soft country feel, I found myself tapping my foot to the beat and swaying side to side. I like the softer, catchy feel of the song, I think it works with the touch of blues and strong vocals. I prefer the music here, I think the slightly softer stuff works for them and as much as I love rock it doesn't always come off. Lyrics this time I did like, an actual story of love and having someone to enjoy the rise of life with.

The music is back to more of a rock sounding but the lyrics have a country feel, and honestly I don't like it. The guitar riffs I still love, there's an obvious skill there and Mark's vocals never fail to be good. It's the lyrics mostly 'Rhonda you make my mind wander in the barn or the cornfield or a hayloft For two, the silo or anywhere when I'm with you' I just find them... cheesy? For people who've been in music for such a long time I'd expect better. All together musicly it's pretty good but the lyrics let it down. 

It's All Good
From what started as a very rock sounding EP with gone to the opposite and hit the country side. A happy, upbeat song and very different from previous tracks. I mean confuses my knowledge on country music isn't amazing but I find myself tapping my foot to it and getting into the beat. I feel that Mark's vocals fit the heavier songs better, his voice can be a little rough for a song like this. Lyrics again I find simple, and I didn't enjoy them. Also I think if you've ever watched Dukes Of Hazzard this could have been the theme tune! Musically this band is good but lyrics just don't match that. 

Drink All The Pain Away
I'm actually laughing at this song, am I meant to? I don't know, it's just hard to take this song seriously. There's a sadness to the lyrics but not the to the music, I do find that in country style music that the lyrics and music don't always fit. I feel like I'm repeating myself saying about the music, but with the added harmonica it's good. Again I feel like Mark's vocals don't fit the song as well as previously, and the lyrics I just laughed. 'My mama got hid my a train in the rain' to me that seems daft but as I said I don't now this gene well. A laugh yes, but a good song? I'm not sure. 

Altogether I'm not the sure how it really works, there's such a mix of things going on. Either be one or the other not all at once. 

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