Monday, 21 April 2014

Falling Storm and Paradime live at The Sun Inn. (Live review)

On Saturday 19th April I went to see two local bands, Falling Storm and Paradime.

I'm always excited to see some local talent, I'm always up for supporting unsigned musicians and to be able to do that so close  to home is great. I do sometimes feel Lincolnshire is lacking much of a music scene.

Falling Storm
Are a four piece, female fronted rock band from Lincoln.
Their set which was a mix of their own songs and covers. I'll be honest and say I didn't know a lot of the covers but through out the whole thing I was tapping my foot and clapping along. Through the first few covers the vocals wobbled a bit from nervous no doubt but as they got to their own songs there was more confidence through out the whole band. Even though not knowing the songs myself it didn't stop me from clapping my hands and enjoying them, and listening to them again in future. One of the only covers I did know was Linkin Park's What I've Done, it being one of my favourite Linkin Park songs I was hoping Falling Storm would be it justice. They did, having shaken the nervous the band finishes off with a big cheer from the crowd. A good band with define promise something I will say is in such a small venue like a inn or pub a mic on the drums is not needed as it can compete with the other instruments, especially the vocals. The last thing is they were a very still band, standing still to play their instruments and sing. Now I know the 'stage' wasn't big but as a band you need to talk to your audience.
Check them out here

Are a five piece female fronted rock band, also from Lincoln. I'd say this band had a more confident than the previous. All covers this time, and more I knew this time, including The Middle - Jimmy Eat World, Teenage Dirtbag - Wheatus, Smooth Criminal - Michael Jackson, Left Outside Alone - Anastacia and Numb - Linkin Park. With more covers than I knew I enjoyed the set more as I was able to sing along but I think the band themselves were better, a little more experienced maybe. The vocals showed no signs of nervous  and neither did the other members. I thought Paradime did really well, I'd be happy to see them again and with some of their own songs too. Their only issue really was the same as Falling Storm in not interacting with the crowd very much.
Check them out here 

For the first local show I've been to in a long time I was impressed! I look forward to hearing more these bands and hopefully some more Lincolnshire talent.

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