Friday, 30 May 2014

Light You Up: Broken Jaw EP (Review)

Light You Up a five piece Rock/Pop-Punk band from Birmingham, England.

This is their EP Broken Jaw

Firefox starts the EP with a soft but steady guitar riff slowly the other instruments join and it builds into something more. When I'm not typing my fingers are tapping to the beat and when they are my foot's tapping, it has one of those beats where I try and fail at air drumming. Tom's voice comes in, clear against the music that even for the first time listening I know the lyrics he's singing. Lyrically I love it, Play this broken record on your stereo and you'll never be alone there's something powerful in that, if I was brave (Or old enough for that matter) it's the sort of lyric I'd love to have as a tattoo. Production as well is very good, everything is clear and sharp, I can totally get lost within the song. I'd run out of fingers before I counted all the pop-punk bands I know, but Light You Up as put their on spin on it and taken a slightly more rock approach and I love it.

Broken Jaw
It's got a good catchy beat and the fact I have a laptop balanced on me isn't stopping me from trying to dance. Tom's vocals are loud and clear, I barely get a minute into it before I'm singing along too, the guitar solos through out the song are really good and show skill. It's always great to see a bit diversity in an EP like this, something a bit faster that I can imagine being a great live track.

Without You Here
Is a bit heavier, more of the rock showing.Tom shows a different side to his voice, one a bit of each to match the slightly heavier feel to the song. Lyrically just like every song so far they sink in really quickly and then they're in my head till I play the next song. They're the kind of lyrics that stick to you long after the last cords been played. Both Drew and Rob are belting out some amazing guitar riffs that could put my air guitar to shame. Joe's drums even getting their own little solo that adds something different. Each song on 'Broken Jaw' has it's own spin and style, the whole diversity through the record is fantastic and shows some true talent.

Another change of pace, Lifebox to starts acoustic with just guitar and vocals. It's a great chance to just listen to Tom's voice, there's no computers here you can really the rawness of his voice and the range this kid had talent and damn it shows. I love the mix of the acoustic with the full band, merging in and out of each other with beautiful ease. It's a very beautiful song, the lyrics packing their normal powerful punch to an already musically perfect song. I'll always be haunted by your dreams. 

Light It Up has created a truly unique EP, each song is different but amazing, showing a fantastic diversity and talent. If this is their first EP I can not wait to hear more of them.

Listen to 'Broken Jaw' here

Check out Light You Up's Facebook here

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