Friday, 2 May 2014

Forging the Truth: Warriors (Review)

Today I have a band from Manorville in the state of New York. This is 5 piece Hard Rock/Metalcore/Metal Hardcose band Forging the Truth.

Forming two years ago in 2012 and after going through their far share of troubles and line up changes they're taking the Long Island scene by storm.

This is their song Warriors.

Before I even listened to the song, I was reading the description on YouTube and I learnt the song is dedicated to anyone who has/is suffer depression, self harm, suicidal thoughts. That the whole song was inspired by fans of the band telling them of their experiences and how the band has helped them. I love the whole idea of writing a song to the fans in this way, it's something I've not seen done many times before.

A faster piano starts the song before soon being joined by the drums, at first the song reminds me of Bring Me The Horizons Can You Feel My Heart. As it has that same mix of heavier guitar riffs played to a softer piano.
Musically the song covers all bases, drums have a great focus and I can always hear them, bass line has be tapping along at all times sometimes without even noticing I'm doing it and the guitar solo is just heaven! Vocally it's also very good, Andrew has a great range from strong, clear vocals to start to a heavier almost scream at the end.
My favourite aspect of the song are the lyrics. Lyrically this song's amazing, as I said previously inspired by stories from fans.Warriors is about being warriors against the pain, against everything standing in your way
The scars on your skin are kisses from angels
The pain wasn't enough to pull you from this hell
You've been kicked when you were down
You have screamed, but made no sound
And still you stand so tall
We can stand together, and call ourselves warriors

Altogether I think it's a really great song! If I had a check list of everything I was looking for in a song I could tick them all off here. I can't wait to hear more from Forging the Truth, and maybe one day they'll make it across the Atlantic! 

Listen to Warriors here

Check out Forging the Truths Facebook here 

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