Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Ryker Sear: Forever Criminal (Review)

Today I have Ryker Sear 4 piece, female fronted, rock band from Milton Keynes. "A band that's all about; energy, catchy songs, going nuts and putting on a great show, and last but certainly not least...enjoying making and playing the music we love!" 

This is their song Forever Criminal. 

Straight away it's fast and it's got one of those beats that kinda makes you want a punch a wall (in a good way) it's got that power. I can already imagine hearing this live and just having the whole crowd on their feet, you can't just can't stay still and listen to it Forever Criminal, t's a great piece of modern rock.Production is really good, everything has sharpness to it.It's obviously time has been put into this, every little bit of the song is just right, from the guitar, bass and drums so it all fits together. Regan has a good voice, I'm not going to compare her voice to someone like Hayley Williams, they're different genres of music and I think every female vocalist is probably sick of being compared to her. 
It doesn't take long before I'm singing along, though I do have to say at times I had trouble making out exactly what Regan was singing and it takes me a couple of plays before the lyrics kind of go in. Talking of the lyrics they're of running from the past, living with the mistakes and trying to escape the darkness. I love them, singing along it makes me feel like a heroin in a action film, I want to ride a motorcycle just listening to it!  
I always love a good rock song and Ryker Sear have got the mix right! Now I'm off to put a leather jacket, red lip stick and kick some ass! 

Listen to Forever Criminal here

Check out Ryker Sear's Facebook here 

Em xxx

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