Friday, 5 September 2014

An Honest Year: Everything Man (Review)

I'm back with an old favourite, this is An Honest Year with their new single Everything Man. The five piece Alt-poppers hail from Philadelphia and have been one of scenes bands to see since their formation in 2012.

This is Everything Man.

Straight away there's a great vibe to the song, foot tapping or head bobbing. It's a song I can so easily imagine being played live, the whole crowd jumping to the beat and singing the lyrics at the tops of their voices.
I've listened to a lot of bands in my time and it's rare to find one with such quality, the production is amazing. everything mixed together very well, it's in perfect harmony as they say.
Matt has a strong voice, he stands out and I know everything he's singing, his voice also quite sweet, he really makes me want to sing along.
The lyrics are a bit of soft spot for me personally, I've always loved stories of the best friends falling in love or in other words a girl not seeing the her Everything Man has been standing right beside her the whole time. The lyrics themselves will get stuck in your head, I'll be singing them for hours!
It is poppy and it isn't, it's not cheesy like pop can be but it's got that infections beat and hook that has you singing along but at the same time you've got these fantastic guitars, drums and bass that gives it gives it that something more. It's not pop-punk, or pop-rock nope this is purely An Honest Year.  

I did a review of Liar & a Thief and going back to compare them, there is a difference, Liar & a Thief has more of a rocky feel, the lyrics are more repetitive and it's just really nice to have a band who grow and change. Everything Man is different from An Honest Year's previous work but my god it's good!

Listen to Everything Man here

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