Sunday, 14 September 2014

Calling All Captains: A Way With Words (Review)

Taking a trip up north to Canada for Calling All Captains, a four piece Pop-punk band who formed early this year.

This their song A Way With Words from their debut EP of the same name.

There's a not a lot to say about this song, this isn't because it's not good because it is. There isn't much to say because A Way With Words is a great piece of acoustic Pop-punk, proving that two acoustics and vocals can make for a perfect song. It's the only acoustic song on the EP, it's always great to get that bit of diversity and that change of pace so you can hear a band in a different light.
It's catchy and I'm tapping my foot do it, Mike's vocals standing out beautifully against the simple guitar. Lyrically it's quite simple but it works, and I just get this feel of old Bink-182 style punk. No It's not the most original song I've ever heard, but this is a first EP and it's really great for that. If you look back at All Time Low's The Three Words To Remember When Dealing With The End that's a great little EP but they've improved so much as a band since then and Calling All Captains show that kind potential.

Calling All Captains proving that simple can be best!

Listen to A Way With Words here

Check out Calling All Captain's Facebook here

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