Friday, 21 November 2014

These Curious Thoughts: Inventing Dr Sutherland And His Traveling Hospital (Album review)

Today I have something unique for you. This is duo These Curious Thoughts, they're made up of Jim Radford who writes all the lyrics and Sean Dunlop who puts them to music. They've been creating music together for the past ten years.

This is their latest album: Inventing Dr Sutherland And His Traveling Hospital. 

Now unlike a lot of music these days they don't just have 12 tracks that have no connection to each other, each song on Inventing Dr Sutherland tells the story of a travelling psychiatrist who sails across the sea to the great state of psychosis. As for the music its self it has quite a rock feel about it, with that foot tapping beat and faster rhythm. There are some exceptions, such as Choking On The Walls to me has more of a country feel about it, The Dark Room is definitely more melodic and Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde is something different all together! There are definitely some some stand out tracks, Backpack Full Of Tears, Born Again, Chains and An Ocean Song. Backpack Full Of Tears being my personal favourite. 

 I think one of things that let this album down are the vocals, they're not bad as such but more like he's got one of those voices you don't want to listen to for long periods of time, he might as well be talking instead of singing because to me singing should make you want to join in and I'm really not feeling that here.I found some of the songs sort of merging together as 15 tracks is quite a lot and I had trouble giving it my full attention as it seemed to just slip into the background.   

Inventing Dr Sutherland and His Traveling Hospital is a really unique album, telling an interesting story and some great music. . All that said I really enjoyed the experience of listening to something different and it's totally worth checking out for anyone out of something new!   

Listen to Inventing Dr Sutherland and His Traveling Hospital here

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