Tuesday, 14 August 2012

An EP today!! Faltered are two bothers doing alternative/rock  from North Wales.
The first song is This Is Only The Beginning. Its starts soft and relaxing, before a bit of an electronic beat comes in. There are no vocals in this song its just an intro but makes me excited about what's to come.
Please Don't Take This The Wrong Way. Starts soft and builds up in a real air guitar beat, the vocals are deep and strong, the lyrics are meaning full and very original.
Worth The Wait is my favourite song on the EP. Strong, full of power and energy. Even so far this band is not one I would listen to normally I'm very glad I did as I love this song.
High Rule. Has a touch of sort of screamo to start but goes back into the bands more original style. I did enjoy this song but also the lyrics could be hard to hear and I find that annoying when I can't sing along with songs.
Counterparts. Has a nice beat and one I keep tapping my feet to, the vocals are relaxing but power full, I've listen to a lot of music but no one has quite got this bands power in there music.
Spaces Wasted. Is a great song but a short one, I love the vocals and guitar in this song.

All together this band have made a original , strong and power full EP. Not to be mean to Faltered but I wasn't expecting this amount of power and I loved it. They wouldn't have been something I would listen to but being a unsigned music lover I thought why not and I was very impressed with what I've heard.
Listen/download:  http://m.soundcloud.com/falteredmusic
Twitter: https://twitter.com/faltered_
Em xxx

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