Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Even more sad news today A Day Over Due have split up :'( there're not a bad I knew well but one that I wish I could have got to know better. They spilt because they didn't have the money to carry on and this made me realise how much Unsigned Music means to me/ I wanted to save ADOD from having to split they were an amazing band and didn't deserve to end this way. I wish I could help every band get were they want to be, I wish I could save them all from having to end in that way. There are SO many record labels out there and there're just sitting around doing nothing why good talent is not being promoted and is failing to get where they need. To stop this from happening more the little guys need YOU! Go listen to unsigned music there is something out for everyone and I promise you you'll find a band or artist to fall in love with. 
Sorry for my moaning it just annoys me when bands have to end this way.
Em always standing up for the little guys xxx     

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