Monday, 20 August 2012

Today we have a music review for Sliver Story :) SS are a 4 piece rock/pop-punk/punk band from Warrington. I first heard this band when I got a message from them on FaceBook.

From the first few seconds of there song Dancefloor I was tapping my foot and nodding my head, I love the guitars in this song they're just the perfect example of rock. And the lyrics are not ones I would really sing along to but ones I would rock out too. Why I was listening to the intro of this song I was wondering what the vocals would sound like and if they'd fit this rock/punk sound and they do, they're a perfect match to each other.This song is what I think of when someone says 'ROCK'
The Otherside starts with a amazing drum solo before the guitars come in. I can imagine seeing this band live and the whole crowd going mad I could see this band playing at Reading!
The End starts softer and reminds me of Blink 182. This is probably my favourite song, softer, relaxed and once I've leaned the words (give me an hour) I'll be singing along at the top of my voice.
Frantic is more pop and fast. I don't think vocals fit as well as they have done in the other songs, I'm not sure about this song it just isn't as awesome as the rest.
My Empire is slow to start with but gets quicker. I found this song harder to describe I don't hate it but its not blown me away either, it is growing on me, I think it would a great song live but the record version doesn't do it for me. 

Altogether this band are full of rock and air guitar, they have a style that is different but still a the same as you can hear the bands influences going trough into there music (this is not a bad thing) I really enjoyed listening to them and would really love to see them live if they came near Lincolnshire (if I was so lucky)

Listen here:
Em xxx

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