Thursday, 1 November 2012

They're the amazing two welsh brothers otherwise known as Faltered! With a 3 track EP/Album teaser, these brothers have very much there own style of Alternative rock.
This is there self-tiled EP
If This Is A Joke I'm Not Laughing, first song off the EP and set to be a single with a video to be filmed soon! From the first few seconds you can tell Faltered are something different as I've not heard of a song start with a mix of rock guitars and something that sounds slightly jazzy... The jazzy part fades leaving the guitars to come out into there own, the vocals powerful and clear and with more screamo vocals which again are great and clear, I don't know alot about that style of singing but even I can tell it's good. I can't really fault  this song it has everything I ask for.
Worth The Wait,  I have reviewed this song before and I still stand by what I said, it's my favourite song of Faltered and too me has yet to be topped.
Thanks A Million, softer guitar riff and vocals makes for a more relaxing song and with a drum beat that has my foot always tapping, then at about three minutes the whole song gets a heaver touch the guitar riff faster, the vocals more powerful and the drums faster. This song has the best lyrics with the most meaning but all Faltered songs have meaningful lyrics and it's one of my favourite things about the band. The song ends with a thirty second long soft instrumental.
Another amazing EP from Faltered.
In other Faltered news the album will be coming next year!
Listen here:
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