Sunday, 26 August 2012

Hopefully got my first interview later this week :D exciting times.
Em xxx

Friday, 24 August 2012

Today's band is the lovely Fletcher!! and there single Dream In The First Place. They're a alternative rock/pop band from London. I first heard this trough Twitter.
My first thought when I started listening to this song has 'wow this is different.' It's a quite a soft song with soft relaxing vocals and a great guitar riff. It's not quite like anything I've heard, something you could have on repeat for hours and never have enough. As I said different but good with a doubt its amazing. This is a band who show real talent and one I know will go fair. I don't what they'd be like live but judging by this song you would not be disappointed.
To sum this band up they're something new worth checking out.
Em xxx

Monday, 20 August 2012

Today we have a music review for Sliver Story :) SS are a 4 piece rock/pop-punk/punk band from Warrington. I first heard this band when I got a message from them on FaceBook.

From the first few seconds of there song Dancefloor I was tapping my foot and nodding my head, I love the guitars in this song they're just the perfect example of rock. And the lyrics are not ones I would really sing along to but ones I would rock out too. Why I was listening to the intro of this song I was wondering what the vocals would sound like and if they'd fit this rock/punk sound and they do, they're a perfect match to each other.This song is what I think of when someone says 'ROCK'
The Otherside starts with a amazing drum solo before the guitars come in. I can imagine seeing this band live and the whole crowd going mad I could see this band playing at Reading!
The End starts softer and reminds me of Blink 182. This is probably my favourite song, softer, relaxed and once I've leaned the words (give me an hour) I'll be singing along at the top of my voice.
Frantic is more pop and fast. I don't think vocals fit as well as they have done in the other songs, I'm not sure about this song it just isn't as awesome as the rest.
My Empire is slow to start with but gets quicker. I found this song harder to describe I don't hate it but its not blown me away either, it is growing on me, I think it would a great song live but the record version doesn't do it for me. 

Altogether this band are full of rock and air guitar, they have a style that is different but still a the same as you can hear the bands influences going trough into there music (this is not a bad thing) I really enjoyed listening to them and would really love to see them live if they came near Lincolnshire (if I was so lucky)

Listen here:
Em xxx

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

An EP today!! Faltered are two bothers doing alternative/rock  from North Wales.
The first song is This Is Only The Beginning. Its starts soft and relaxing, before a bit of an electronic beat comes in. There are no vocals in this song its just an intro but makes me excited about what's to come.
Please Don't Take This The Wrong Way. Starts soft and builds up in a real air guitar beat, the vocals are deep and strong, the lyrics are meaning full and very original.
Worth The Wait is my favourite song on the EP. Strong, full of power and energy. Even so far this band is not one I would listen to normally I'm very glad I did as I love this song.
High Rule. Has a touch of sort of screamo to start but goes back into the bands more original style. I did enjoy this song but also the lyrics could be hard to hear and I find that annoying when I can't sing along with songs.
Counterparts. Has a nice beat and one I keep tapping my feet to, the vocals are relaxing but power full, I've listen to a lot of music but no one has quite got this bands power in there music.
Spaces Wasted. Is a great song but a short one, I love the vocals and guitar in this song.

All together this band have made a original , strong and power full EP. Not to be mean to Faltered but I wasn't expecting this amount of power and I loved it. They wouldn't have been something I would listen to but being a unsigned music lover I thought why not and I was very impressed with what I've heard.
Em xxx

Monday, 13 August 2012

And I'm back! With my first album review :) This is Taking Hayley duet album Tricks And Games. Taking Hayley are a 4 piece pop/rock band from Birmingham.

I love this album to pieces and I've only had it 3 days!! The album starts with the exciting The Big Blind which builds and builds but with no vocals it is just at intro but it runs so well into the next song Better Luck Next Time; this is the first song we hear Ali sing and god he's good. The lyrics are awesome, its just makes you want to sing along. Don't Let Go is an old song for the band that they have remastered and god they've done well. This song is probably my favourite on the album its so bubbly and full of energy that I want to jump around. Tonight (We Come Alive) is so sweet it makes me want to go hug Ali!! The guitars are softer in this song but still so good, and the guitar solo with Levi's baking vocals in just fantastic. Rise is just is a beat really that runs the next song into the next, it makes the album run so smoothly. Butterfly's is soft again. The guitars and drums take pride of place in this song sometimes making it harder to hear Ali but it fits the way this song is done. Up All Night the bands second single a great song. Its fun and lively with good catchy lyrics and one I'm forever singing. From Now Until Forever is softer again and so pretty. I just love it its makes me feel all fuzzy inside (I know that isn't the best way to describe a song) Here I Stand is more rock and energy. I want to do air guitar to this song, I love the way it starts more rock but ends on a softer note, the lyrics are just perfect and makes me realise how bad a girlfriend I'd be!! All In is another build up into the next song with Ali softly whispering Taking Hayley. Holding On is one of my favourites on the album. I'm always tapping my foot to the beat of the drums, and again I'm doing air guitar. The lyrics are just.... I mean "Remember when I said please don't go, you left my heart at all time low" and with the way Ali sings it its perfect. Circles the bands first single has also been remastered a bit making the beginning a bit like a a tap that's got stuck (Listen and you'd know why I said that) the first two lines and quite before going straight into full on drums, guitar and bass. I do jump about to this like a loon but you can't not, it's got that infective catchy beat and vocals and puts you in a good mood. Crying Eyes in yet another old song that has been totally changed it used to be a full on rock but now..... its slow and beautiful with piano and lyrics that make you melt inside. Its impossible not to cry at this song its just too beautiful. It ends with guitars bass and drums in such a dramatic way it makes me think of fire!! And Finally The Royal Flush wish is just soft and ends the album perfectly.

All together its a perfect album it really is and one you should listen and buy it is so so worth it.
Buy here: 
Listen to a preview:
Em  xxx   

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Even more sad news today A Day Over Due have split up :'( there're not a bad I knew well but one that I wish I could have got to know better. They spilt because they didn't have the money to carry on and this made me realise how much Unsigned Music means to me/ I wanted to save ADOD from having to split they were an amazing band and didn't deserve to end this way. I wish I could help every band get were they want to be, I wish I could save them all from having to end in that way. There are SO many record labels out there and there're just sitting around doing nothing why good talent is not being promoted and is failing to get where they need. To stop this from happening more the little guys need YOU! Go listen to unsigned music there is something out for everyone and I promise you you'll find a band or artist to fall in love with. 
Sorry for my moaning it just annoys me when bands have to end this way.
Em always standing up for the little guys xxx     

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

On a brighter note than yesterday I've found a great new band everyone this is The Hype Theory :) First heard these guys when they followed my on Twitter (this happens quite a lot)
There single Kid At Heart is a great summery tune, I love everything about this song from this 6 piece powerpop/punk band from Essex!! Its a really bubbly, summery song with buckets full of talent . I hope you will be singing along to this song as much as I do well hopefully better that me :P
Listen here:
Em xxx

Monday, 6 August 2012

I'm sorry to say that The City Calls has split up :'( They were a great band and one I would have loved to have the chance to live. I enjoy there style its just the kind of thing I love; the vocals are great; the guitars are perfect and the drums fantastic. I can imagine they would be a amazing band to see live, full of energy and style. All in all a amazing band and one I wish I didn't have to say goodbye to.
Even if they're no longer around you should still enjoy there great music, here's a link to there single Meet In The Middle:
Em xxx

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Helloooo I'm back again :) I've been asked to do this review by my little sister who loves this band. This is Count The Days with there duet single Feel. CTD are a 3 piece pop/rock band from London. I first heard them when I saw them support McFly in Lincoln. I love there original style; amazing song writing skills; fantastic vocals; awesome guitar and full on drums. Its always stuck in head after hearing it, I'll nearly always dance to it. Altogether I love this song and this band and I hope you will do :)
Listen here:
CTD Facebook:
Em xxx