Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Breach The Summit: Family (Review)

Breach The Summit are a 3 piece Indie pop band Irvine USA! Formed in 2009 the band have been playing lots of shows all over the place from there home town Irvine to Los Angeles!
This is their EP Family.

We Were Running,
catchy and upbeat guitar riffs that I can't help tapping me foot to from the first few seconds. Olen voice is bright and clear so it really stands out, I love his voice I want to sing along with him.The lyrics make me think of summer, just being silly free and running. Though they're not the deepest lyrics I've ever heard but I really like them as they're happy, light and really work for the song. I shall be singing this all Summer (If we ever get any) as it's one of those songs that gets stuck in your head and doesn't leave :)

A Little Bit,
has a rocker guitar riff to start and still as catchy! Olden's voice is sweet, upbeat and someone who can really sing, I'm picky about singers if I can't hear what they're singing I don't like it, if they fight the guitars and drums I don't like it but here the vocals fit perfectly with everything and I love it. The lyrics are really good, dam theses guys can write as well as everything else. Seriously since playing this song I can't stop my foot and fingers tapping it's just that good :)

Take Me Back (For what it's worth)
 I love how all Breach The Summit songs sound that little bit different. This one is the rockist of the lot so far, but the lyrics still have a poppy feel to them.The guitar riffs in this song are great Jacob has some skills! I really love the drums steady beat that runs through the whole song. Again Olden's voice is fantastic, really these guys can't seem to stop getting better...

has a slower steady start that speeds up when it hits the chorus again this song sounds different to the others. Going from fast to slow, but keeping to the rock more this time.Vocals, lyrics, guitars, drums everything again is brilliant. Breach The Summit keep continuing to surprise me one fantastic song after another!

Is a softer song to start with Olden's vocals standing out perfectly against the guitar. Though I have to admit I don't like the chorus....The vocals go too high and I can't understand them anymore. The instrumental parts are brilliant, and I really notice the keyboard! I think over all this is the song I don't like as much but it's still a great song :)

This whole EP is amazing and I really love it, they're one of the best indie pop bands I've ever heard! Really well done to Breach The Summit :)

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Em xxx

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