Monday, 17 June 2013

Clear Skies: #OurOwnEscape (Review)

I'm in America again! This time Springfield, Mo with 2 piece pop, rock band Clear Skies.
This is their third single #OurOwnEscape
Clear Skies is that sweet pop rock that you fall in love with the catchy lyrics, fast guitars, upbeat drums and clear, clean vocals. The way the songs slows for the lyrics 'We could make our own escape, just you and me, leave our cares behind, all I need is in your eyes' is brilliant, sometimes with this genre I find songs can be a bit shallow and repetitive but Clear Skies have got the perfect balance of poppy and that something more meaningful. The vocals have that sweet aspect about them were they get in your head and you're singing along before you know it! The guitars have I feel a slight Fall Out Boy feel about them which I love and just the way they keep the rocky feel going through out the song. That feel good song you listen to when you're feeling down, that song you really loudly because you can't get it out of your head, that song that makes you dance. All those things are #OurOwnEscape, it's a fantastic piece of pop rock that I can't stop listening to!  

That lovely little twist on the classic pop rock has got my singing this song as loud as I can without annoying next door!

Listen to it yourself and this is one of the best lyric videos I've ever seen!

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Em xxx

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