Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Victoria: The Lights (Review)

Today we have 4 piece Alternative pop rockers Victoria! Pop rock is probably my favourite genre so I'm really excited about hearing Victoria's spin on it.
Their EP The Lights.

There's a long intro of just piano before being joined by guitar riff and drums. It's simple, sweet and catchy pop rock. The vocals are clear, quite soft and really make me want to sing along; the way they're sung reminds me of Matt from Stakeout. I love the lyrics 'Your flaws that make you who are are' are great, plus I can't stop singing the chorus. I really couldn't sit still listening to this song, it had my fingers and foot tapping through out.

Troubled Town.
Wow! Is my first thought. It's starts a slower, softer song with only an acoustic. The vocals are light, very clear and quite high (Not Kellin Quinn high) making me think the singers youngish! I'm in love with Victoria's lyrics they're that little bit deeper than the normal pop rock. They're catchy, beautifully sung and help make the band that little bit different. This is probably my favourite song of the EP!

I was reminded of the Script, the mix of acoustic and electric guitars plus the lyrics have that slight Script about them. This song is the same sort, sweet, catchy style that is Victoria; when people say a pop rock band you might think of someone like Taking Hayley or Stakeout but Victoria have very much put their own spin the on genre that's really made me fall in love with them!

A great EP that I shall stuck in my head for a good while yet :)

Have a listen to The Lights: http://victoriabanduk.bandcamp.com/album/the-lights-ep
Check out Victoria's Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VictoriaBandUK

Em xxx

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