Wednesday, 14 August 2013

The Red: Fat Dancer (Review)

I'm back in England today but not just England Lincolnshire! It's not very often I get to review a band from the county I now live. Anyway this is The Red, 5 piece Fuck rock/Pop/Jazz and their debut single.
Fat Dancer.
This isn't normally my genre of music but when I listened to it for the first time I found myself tapping my foot and singing along!
Straight away it has one of those beats that you can't not tap your foot too, you'll find yourself dancing to it before you know it. The way Sam sings is quite unique to me, it's not just the same poppy voice that sounds the same as everyone else. In fact there's a uniqueness to the whole band which is one of the reason I started to listen to them in the first place. The lyrics are the kind that get in your head so you'll be singing them for hours after, they're simple and easy to learn as I was singing along before I listened to the whole song for the first time! The only thing is listening to it on repeat for so long (As I need to do) I found myself getting a little board. I've completely fallen in love with the guitar and I'd love someone to teach me to play like that!
I like the whole uniqueness about the song and it's so catchy despite it not being your normal thing you should totally listen, it's so worth it to hear these guys talent!

Listen to Fat Dancer here:
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