Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Amaryllis: Amaryllis (Review)

Staying in England today with Rock/Alternative 5 piece band Amaryllis from London/Surrey.
This is their self-titled EP.

The intro of the song first of all reminded me of You Me At Six, but as it goes on it seems to go heavier so even before the vocals I know I'm in for a great song. Sometimes in rock songs they can have these great intros and instrumentals but be let down with the vocals but that's not the case with Amaryllis. Sante's voice isn't too heavy  so you might think they'd get lost in the guitar but you'd be wrong, it's so well produced that everything to perfectly clear. The lyrics are what I'd expect from this kind of genre, they're not repetitive but tell a kind of story and I love it! At the end the guitars start in one ear and switch to both it's fantastic crash of guitars, drums and bass which is a fantastic way to end the song.
From the first time I heard Vixen I knew I was in for something special and I was right!

Little White Lies.
The intro starts playing only in my left ear (At first I thought my headphones had died) before going crashing into both. I love that Amaryllis have that long intro it gives the guitars and drums that chance to be own there own and not have to worry about over powering the vocals. I can't really fault this song it's another well produced, fantastically written, powerful rock song that I want to blast out of my speakers at the highest volume just so everyone can appreciate it's amazingness.

Between The Lies.
Is another great song, slightly slower compered to the speed of Little White Lies, still with great power, excellent production, clear vocals, great lyrics and two guitarist who obviously know what they're doing! There's not a lot else I can say, not because it's bad but because it's similar to the other songs so I'd just be repeating myself.

I really enjoyed Amaryllis EP with that mix of power and lighter vocals, it's not something I've really heard before but it really works. In fact it's probably the best rock EP I've heard in a while and I think you should totally check it out.

Listen here: http://amaryllisuk.bandcamp.com/
Check out Amaryllis Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/AmaryllisUK?hc_location=stream

Em xxx

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