Monday, 5 August 2013

Stakeout: Young and Fearless tour (Birmingham date) Review

Recently I had the lovely pleasure of seeing Stakeout on their headlining Young and Fearless tour in Birmingham!

The night started with local supports were 4 piece pop-rock band The Callout. Not knowing them before hand I didn't know the words to their songs but they pulled off a really good performance as I was clapping along and enjoying myself. Their set wasn't long and it was all their own songs so the crowd didn't really sing along but The Callout started off a great night in style and I'll be checking them out in the future!
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Next on the bill were Birmingham 5 piece alt-rockers Speaking in Shadows. I saw SIS back in February when they supported Taking Hayley and I wasn't that impressed with their performance but they've defiantly proved me wrong! They had a great stage presence that got the whole crowed moving, Adam's vocals sounded really good and clear compared to when I last saw them. In one of the songs the crowd was even given our own line to sing, which is always great. They finished their set with their single Sweet Gemini which is one of the only one of their songs I knew so I was really singing, clapping and having fun.
I really great set and I would happily see them for a third time.
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Third were new 4 piece country/rock band Paighton, only releasing their first EP about a month ago this is the first time many people have heard them live. The members of Paighton are made up of the old members of That Sunday Feeling, who'd seen live twice and was never that impressed with their live performance but coming back as Paighton has given them a new life. They did mostly covers and only two of their own songs, one of them being brand new. Some of the covers I didn't know but had a great time singing along to the ones that I did including The Summer Of 69, they finished their set with the song Somebody which I knew very well and sung very loudly along to. A very good first impression from Paighton and I would defiantly go see them again.
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Finally headliners 3 piece pop-rock band Stakeout. Due to Matt (Lead vocals and guitar) being ill their set was cut a little shorter and despite all that they were amazing! For the first time they played a mix of both their EP's mixing the old songs with new songs and some covers thrown in too. Going from their intro into Chelsea, Never End, Hero, Sing It Loud then into a cover of Demi Lovato's Heart Attack. Which sounded amazing, hearing it performed by a proper band made that crash on the chorus sound fantastic! They slowed in down for The Outcome Of Saying Goodbye which has a lot of personal meaning to the band and it showed as they played it, I was singing my heart out or I would have been crying my eyes out. They also played their new single Heartbreak Overdue which is probably my favourite song by them so I had a brilliant time jumping up and down to it. They closed the night with a cover of Sex On Fire in which all the bands came on stage for a bit of a stage invasion which resulted in a blow up palm tree being in the crowd and Lee (Bass and backing vocals) getting us covered in water. Despite Matt being ill and the chance of the gig not going ahead everything went amazingly, they couldn't have done a better job!
I will defiantly be going to see them again but a bit closer next time hey?
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Em xxx
P.s No it's not possible to put amazing too many times in one review!

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