Wednesday, 26 June 2013

For The First Things: The Brighter Side (Review)

Going all out in America at the moment what is this my 4th one in a row? Say hello to 3 piece pop rock band First Things First from Philadelphia!
This is their EP The Brighter Side.

Let The Good Times Roll, Kid.
Catchy, foot tapping, singing along, stuck in your head pop rock song. I love a good fast song and this diffidently is one, the guitars and drums keep that pace so my foot never stops tapping. The only problem is the speed and energy sometimes makes it hard to hear the vocals, as the vocals are sweet and quite high so can get a little lost in the power of the guitars but as I listen to it more I can hear them better.

Love Is For The__
They are an very energetic band, I can imagine them jumping up and down like little kids why playing this song live. Again it's the same great pop rock that I love. The way you can always hear the drums is the reason I can't sit still, the guitars still have that power but in this song I can hear the vocals better so I'm singing along more. So far this is my favourite song of The Brighter Side!

Queen Of Mixed Signals.
Straight away this song reminds me of a young All Time Low and being a huge fan of theirs that's not a bad thing. This song feels a little deeper, like that's more to it that the previous tracks. The vocals are at their best in this song and I don't lose them at all, the guitar solo is so fantastic I wanted to do air guitar along side it! The lyrics it's them that's made this song different from the others, all about lairs, cheats, mixed up signals, giving up and running away, it's great to see a band who can write songs like that.

Stuck On Repeat.
Is the fastest song on the EP, which is saying something as I thought Let The Good Times Roll, Kid was fast! It's one of those classic pop rocks you want to play really loud why driving down the high way (Or motorway) and sing at the top of your lungs. At the start of the EP I wasn't sure but as it's gone along each song has got better and they're all a bit different, I was worried I'd be listening to 5 songs that all sounded the same but that's definitely not the case.  

Broken Limits (We're So Caught Up In This)
I love a good slow acoustic song and wow this is one hell of one! There is something Remembering Sunday (All Time Low, from their album So Wrong, It's Right) about the song, especially with a girl featured.The mix of the girls vocals between his are great,  and the way it speeds up at the end just adds the perfect last touch. I was surprised by this song, as at first First Things First sounded like a normal pop rock band about having fun but it seems they can also write that slow song that gives you goose bumps, as these lyrics are really good these real feeling behind them.

At first I didn't really like First Things First but as I've listened through the whole of The Brighter Side I've fallen more in love with each song, they are a band you should give a chance and I can see going far!

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Monday, 17 June 2013

Clear Skies: #OurOwnEscape (Review)

I'm in America again! This time Springfield, Mo with 2 piece pop, rock band Clear Skies.
This is their third single #OurOwnEscape
Clear Skies is that sweet pop rock that you fall in love with the catchy lyrics, fast guitars, upbeat drums and clear, clean vocals. The way the songs slows for the lyrics 'We could make our own escape, just you and me, leave our cares behind, all I need is in your eyes' is brilliant, sometimes with this genre I find songs can be a bit shallow and repetitive but Clear Skies have got the perfect balance of poppy and that something more meaningful. The vocals have that sweet aspect about them were they get in your head and you're singing along before you know it! The guitars have I feel a slight Fall Out Boy feel about them which I love and just the way they keep the rocky feel going through out the song. That feel good song you listen to when you're feeling down, that song you really loudly because you can't get it out of your head, that song that makes you dance. All those things are #OurOwnEscape, it's a fantastic piece of pop rock that I can't stop listening to!  

That lovely little twist on the classic pop rock has got my singing this song as loud as I can without annoying next door!

Listen to it yourself and this is one of the best lyric videos I've ever seen!

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Em xxx

Monday, 10 June 2013

An Honest Year: Liar & A Thief (Review)

Another American band today this time in the lovely sunny Florida! An Honest Year are an 5 piece pop rockers with an alternative twist.
Their song Liar & A Thief.
It's not very often I hear a song for the first time and straight away start rocking out to it but listening to this, I couldn't sit still. The very first guitar riffs have me tapping me fingers on the keyboard and by the end of the song I want to get up and dance...I can always hear the drums which is great as sometimes I find they get a little lost. Man these guitarist are good, the riffs are sweet catchy and the tempo change in the middle is brilliant.  The vocals are clear, strong and had me singing along, you can hear the Blink 182 influence in the lyrics 'She's a lair and a thief she'll tell you what you want and what you want, she'll  chew you up and spit you out' are my favourite lyrics in the song. The song slows down for those lyrics before going back to it's fast tempo, someone people might find the lyrics a bit repetitive towards the end but I think because the lyrics themselves are good it doesn't matter if they're repeated a few times.  It's a really catchy song and I couldn't resist putting it on repeat!
I'd suggest this band to anyone who likes pop punk as well as I'm reminded slightly of the old Fall Out Boy in the song.  
I reviewed a fair few songs and yes they are times when I don't want to have a listen to the song again but here I'm going to have trouble taking it off repeat.

Have a listen to Lair & A Thief
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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Victoria: The Lights (Review)

Today we have 4 piece Alternative pop rockers Victoria! Pop rock is probably my favourite genre so I'm really excited about hearing Victoria's spin on it.
Their EP The Lights.

There's a long intro of just piano before being joined by guitar riff and drums. It's simple, sweet and catchy pop rock. The vocals are clear, quite soft and really make me want to sing along; the way they're sung reminds me of Matt from Stakeout. I love the lyrics 'Your flaws that make you who are are' are great, plus I can't stop singing the chorus. I really couldn't sit still listening to this song, it had my fingers and foot tapping through out.

Troubled Town.
Wow! Is my first thought. It's starts a slower, softer song with only an acoustic. The vocals are light, very clear and quite high (Not Kellin Quinn high) making me think the singers youngish! I'm in love with Victoria's lyrics they're that little bit deeper than the normal pop rock. They're catchy, beautifully sung and help make the band that little bit different. This is probably my favourite song of the EP!

I was reminded of the Script, the mix of acoustic and electric guitars plus the lyrics have that slight Script about them. This song is the same sort, sweet, catchy style that is Victoria; when people say a pop rock band you might think of someone like Taking Hayley or Stakeout but Victoria have very much put their own spin the on genre that's really made me fall in love with them!

A great EP that I shall stuck in my head for a good while yet :)

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Em xxx