Thursday, 15 November 2012

I've mentioned 5 piece Heavy rock/punk/pop band Bentley Park before after seeing them live supporting Taking Hayley and now they're back with their single Darker Days.

From the first few seconds and already the guitar riffs are fantastic and get me excited about the rest of the song, when James starts singing I know this is a great song, his vocals are strong, clear and I love the way I can hear his accent. The drums fast and upbeat, same with the bass. The lyrics are probably the most original thing about this song and one of my favourite things especially:'My mind wonders how to deal with the pain.' I can't think of anything bad to say I really loved this song and look forward to seeing this band live again :) Last thing I have to say is about the video and I loved that too! Seeing clips from the gig I was at, seeing my friends and guys just having fun on tour makes for a great video.
Em xxx  

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