Monday, 12 November 2012

We're in Scotland for today's review! 3 guys from Aberdeen make up the Alt/pop/rock band Daydream Frenzy. First heard this band through Twitter.
There EP Colours and Sound.
Intro/Instrumental, 3.15 of fantastic guitar riffs, fast bass lines and powerful drums. It's a great intro but maybe a little too long?
A poppy guitar riffs starts Rearrange Tomorrow it has familiarity to it but I can't pin down what it sounds like! This is the first time you get to hear Donald's vocals, his vocals are just like the guitars fantastic, clear and fit the 'sound' of the band very well. Lyrics are catchy and maybe a little repetitive. I would really like to hear this song live it would be a real high energy, high power song with everyone singing along.
Jade's Song is my favourite! The steady guitar riff, foot tapping drums and Donald's vocals slowly start the song, and within the first 20 seconds I love it. The song get's heaver and more powerful making it real rock song and diffident from the slightly more poppy Rearrange Tomorrow.
When I Say Help I swear It's True. Listening to this song for the first time I was reminded of Blink 182!! Again Daydream Frenzy have crated a great song, I can't think of anything that I obviously didn't like.
Em xxx

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