Thursday, 29 November 2012

We're back in Scotland for the 5 piece rock band AlteredSky! I first heard this band through Facebook.
There song I Know You Know.
A brilliant guitar tiff starts the song before being joined by a drums beat that has you foot tapping before you know it and bass that's quick and strong. Already it's a great rock song that has me wanting to do air guitar I just hoped the vocals could match the awesomeness! Ana's vocals are strong, powerful and perfect fit for the song ,though lyrics are good but if you don't listen to them they go into the background. And as for originality it's got that too! This song has exactly what you need for a great rock song.
I would love to see them live as I imagine they'd be a very powerful and energy filled band. I look forward to hearing more from up north soon.
Em xxx

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