Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Chase Your Words: Under Attack (Review)

From America to Canada for today's review! Chase Your Words a 4 piece pop-punk band from Vancouver Canada.

(From left to right) James Songalia, Alex Johnrden, Chris Siglos and Curtis St Louis.

This is there song Under Attack.

I love a good bit of pop-punk being a big All Time Low fan so this is right up my street. A catchy song, that's full of energy, you'll be singing along and tapping your fingers on the keyboard before the chorus. The guitar riff has an All Time Low Weightless (From their album Nothing Personal) feel about it which feels give's it that fantastic energy I love. Often in the genre lyrics are about parties and having fun, now there's nothing wrong with that but Chase Your Words have gone that little bit deeper and it really works! So don't blame your scars on me when I'm only doing my best. 
Despite these slightly deeper lyrics it's actually rather feel good song, with a great beat that I'm loving listening and singing to in this hot weather. My only bad thing I have to say and there is only one. The vocals can be a bit unclear and if I didn't have the lyrics written in front of me I may not understand what's be sung, they can sing just need to turn them up a bit.

Listen to Under Attackhttp://chaseyourwords.bandcamp.com/track/under-attack
Check out Chase Your Words Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ChaseYourWords

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