Friday, 26 July 2013

Jocelyn: Miss America (Review)

I can't seem to get out of America lately! As I'm back to Iwoa with 4 piece pop/rock band Jocelyn.
This is their new song Miss America.
I love a good piece of classic pop rock and this is a brilliant example. It's in the same style as Jocelyn older work, which is currently not a bad thing as they've build up quite a fan base with their catchy pop rock.
The guitar riffs, are upbeat, catchy and clear! I really like being able to follow the riffs and changes all the way through the song. I love the guitars so much that I'm having trouble tearing myself away to focus on the other parts of the song. The vocals are really good, I was singing along before the song was over for the first time. They're upbeat, I like how I can hear Alex's ascent as he sings and clear, if you know me you'll know I find clear vocals important and these are perfect I can hear every pitch change. The lyrics are what I'd expect from this kind of song "She's my Miss America, the one that got away, I was too good for her, now she's too good for me." But good all the same.
I only had one problem with the song, having on repeat for so long I got a little bored. A song can be great the first few times but after a few more it can get repetitive, a good song summer song all the same though.
Miss America is a great song and exactly what I'd expect from Jocelyn, so it's not the most original but that doesn't make it bad as I love the song for what it is.

Great band, great song be sure to listen!

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Em xxx

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