Sunday, 7 July 2013

Taking Hayley live review

Hey guys!
This week I was very lucky to get tickets to see Taking Hayley playing in Nottingham on their Made tour!

Due to my failure at map reading we arrived late and I don't actually know the name of the opening act... I am sorry about that. What I heard of the band was good and I had fun dancing to them.

The Kaos were next!
A good bit of punk rock to kick off my night. Clapping, cheering, a bit of dancing. The band defiantly had some energy and it was great to see a band more at home jumping around the stage. Sometimes live vocals can get a bit lost The Kaos didn't have this problem and I could hear them really well even if I didn't know the words! They finished their set with a great cover of Teenager Dirtbag that had the whole crowd singing along. I'll defiantly be checking out The Kaos more in the future.
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Third on the bill was In Hindsight.
My friend introduced me to this band so I knew what to expect this time. Everyone was singing along and having fun, they had great energy on stage as well as in their songs. The whole crowd was really enjoying their pop rock songs as everyone was either singing/clapping or dancing along.
In Hindsight put on a really great performance and I'll definitely be listening to them more in the future!
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The forth and final support act were The Last Carnival.
I'd not listened to the band before hand so I had no idea what to expect. With two guitars, bass, drums, keyboard and vocals there was a lot going on, maybe a bit too much. The guitars were amazing and their guitarist definitely had some talent, in fact the whole band was talented and the only bad thing I have to say is I couldn't hear the vocals at all... This might have been to do with how close to the speakers I was standing but even so I should be able to hear something of what was being sung and I couldn't. Having talked to the guys after the show they're a really nice, hard working band so you should check them out.
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The headlining act Taking Hayley.
This being the third time I'd seen Taking Hayley I knew exactly what to expect from the band, and they did not disappoint. Starting off with their second single Up All Night got the whole crowd jumping and singing straight away. That feeling when you're in a crowd and everyone is having an amazing time singing as loud as they can is something you get at Taking Hayley, everyone is enjoying themselves. They played a few of their faster songs first Up All Night, Tonight and Here I Stand before slowing into Crying Eyes. This song was originally recorded as a piano track but for the sake of tour was performed with just an acoustic guitar and vocals. It's an beautiful song to start with but live Alistair really does sing it at a new level that left me with tears in my eyes. They did a great cover of Locked Out Of Heaven by Bruno Mars which is one of my favourite covers they've done. One of the special moments for me was when they played From Now Until Forever which is a special song for my and best friend, hearing it live meant a lot to me and they played it so, so well.
Taking Hayley really know how to put on a show, you would not be disappointed going to see them.
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Em xxx
P.S if anyone has the name of the opening act I'd love to know!


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