Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Back To November: Without Reason (Review)

I'm in Wales today, Cardiff to be exact with 4 piece acoustic band Back To November!

This is their EP Without Reason.

I reviewed Falling a few mouths ago when it was just a recording in a garage and it was amazing then, but now it's been probably recorded it's even more so!
Two acoustic guitars and two lots of vocals, simple yet effective. With not electric guitar or drums there's nothing to cover the vocals and you can hear them perfectly, and not only can Joel and Dan sing but their voices fit together. It reminds me of Tom and Danny of McFly were they both sing lead and their voices mix so well together. I really love the lyrics as I can't stop singing them "I'm falling for you, you I knew you'd never understand the way I feel about you baby"  As it's the first song the band wrote together it shows a lot of potential.

I Won't Give Up.
Is a slower song which really shows off the talent these guys have! It's a bit Ed Sherran sounding with a bit more of a country sound. The lyrics are really fantastic "I won't give up on us even if the skies get ruff" it's honestly one of the most simple and beautiful songs I've heard and I could imagine falling in love with it.

Tickle Tears
With the add of the Ukulele I can't help tapping my foot and moving with the song. Trickle Tears is a little different to the other songs as we've also got the add of a drum, it also shows another side of Back To November that's not just a simple acoustic song but a little bit more. It's more upbeat, still as catchy, still with those fantastic vocals and a really great guitar solo from Edan. As much as I love this band I was worried I'd be getting four songs that sound very similar but I've been shown that's not the case and Back To November have more to them than it might first seem.

Hazel Eyes.
Dam it Back To November! This song is beautiful, the emotion in the vocals, the lyrics, the simple guitar and slight drum has given me goose bumps and I think I may actually cry... Which is saying something as not many songs can do that for me. Falling had me singing, I Won't Give Up had me wanting to fall in love, Tickle Tears had me dancing and Hazel Eyes had me crying. It shows a lot of talents to be able to some so much emotion in just fours songs that I can feel so different about each one.

I knew Back To November were a band to watch when I first heard that first recording of Falling months ago and now wow! They've really become one amazing band and I'm proud of them.  All I know now is I need to get myself a copy of Without Reason!

Listen to Without Reason here:

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Em xxx

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