Monday, 3 September 2012

And the headlining act Taking Hayley :D 4 piece pop/rock band from Birmingham.
Wow these's guys are just fantastic live; fun, lively, full of energy. The songs are amazing record but live I can't think of a word!! They're a real pop/rock band full of real bass, guitar, drums and vocals. The set starts off with the intro from the album The Big Blind.
Better Luck Next Time. A fun lively song with great vocals, the crowd go mad as good as the first cords of the song are played as we all know what's coming. Al gets the whole crowd singing even giving us a whole line to ourselves.
Up All Night. If people weren't joining in before they sure are now! With up all night's catchy vocals and awesome guitar riffs its impossible not to jump around and sing.
Tonight. A sweet song about being alone and wishing someone was at your side. This is the first time you get to hear guitarist Levi's backing vocals and he has a voice full of passion.  
Butterflies is a song all about falling in love and full of emotion. Alistair kept eye contact with the crowd through out (after talking to Al he said through out singing Butterflies he was thinking of his girlfriend)
Here I Stand. A change from the emotion of Butterflies with a song full of energy that had everyone going a bit crazy.
Crying Eyes. There was not a dry eye in the house after this song, this is an old song that the band have remastered for the album turning it from a real rock song to a piano ballad. With only Alistair and his keyboard on stage his vocals are totally on their own, to end the song the rest of the band join Alistair on stage for a full on rock ending to a beautiful song.
Earthquake (Labrinth cover) Alistair loses his guitar for this song so he jumps around like a loon!! This was originally a electronic song full of commuters but not Taking Hayleys cover which replaces the electronic sound with guitars, bass and drums we even get Alistair rapping!
Circles. The bast first single and one were the drums really come in to there own. A great high energy song to end the night with, everyone was singing (even the people stood at the back) Circles is such an infections song you can't help jumping and singing.   
 I also had the chance to meet the guys and they're just lovely. I will defiantly be seeing this band again (I'd go now if I could) and you should too, they're just as amazing and more that I said. I know some of you might be thinking I'm being paid to say this I'm not its just me and what I really think, and I don't say these things about everybody.
Here is a video of the whole setlist from the night before in Birmingham:
Em xxx

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