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Today I have my very first interview with the lovely guys at Silver Story (remember I reviewed there first EP 'Wake up' might need to scroll down a bit to find it if you haven't already read it)  Find out about there inspirations, there music and what they would do in a Zombie Apocalypse...   

What has been your highlight of being in the band so far?

Alex: Recording our second EP ‘Wake Up’, our first EP was shit but then we recorded ‘Wake Up’ and then everyone was like, ‘’Okay maybe these guys are better than we thought!’’

Tom: Watching Alex McCabe drink Rob James' piss. I thought I was going to die from laughing!

Rob: Recording with Matt Ogrady was great, also our E.p release was pretty cool!

Gaz: Id say our EP release gig this year, massive turn out, great sound, brilliant support from fans, friends and family.

Your all time low of the band? 
Tom: Pee
Alex: Haha Tom! I’m going to say playing a home town show about three years ago in front of about four people! It was embarrassing. We learned a valuable lesson that day, if you don’t tell people about gigs no one will show up!
Rob: Alex

Gaz: When a couple of members left and we didn't really do anything for nearly a year.

Personally who inspired you?
Rob: Michael Jackson, the be all and end all of why I became a musician

Alex: There’s a lot of influences for me but Dave Grohl and Kurt Kobain are the most influential for me. Bob Marley was also an early influence as my mother always used to play his cassette tapes repeatedly on car journeys.
Tom: Bradley Noel, did what he loved until the day he died, it's a shame he also did alot of what killed him...
Gaz: Tommy Lee, Travis Barker, Buddy Rich, Rick Allen.

How would you describe your music?
Tom: Best heard live.
Alex: We’ve took elements of old school pop punk, classic rock, modern pop, Grunge and Indie and created our own sound.
Rob:  Rock/pop punk/alex punk/cuntpunk

Gaz:  Musical sex!

What has been the best gig you've been to?
Alex: I’m going to be controversial and say coldplay at Manchester Etihad Stadium. Simply because of the colours, the carnival atmosphere. Not a big fan of theirs but it was definitely a surreal experience. Other than that I’d say Foo Fighters at reading was pretty amazing.
Rob: Velvet revolver in 2007! only because i met slash.

Tom: Rage Against The Machine @ Leeds Festival... just massive. OMFG it was gooooooooooood!
Gaz:  Motley Crue/Def Leppard/Steel Panther, December 2011.
Me: I'm very jealous... 

Now where did the band name come from?
Gaz: Ask Alex.
Tom: We really need to come up with a good story for that don't we?
Alex: Haha. Basically the band was out drinking, before we were a band. And someone slurred ‘Silver Story’ and we couldn’t be arsed to think of a better name. Ask us again in a year and we’ll have a fantastic, gripping story for you all!

If you could have dinner with any musical legend who would it be and why?
Gaz: Probably Rick allen from Def Leppard, hes a big inspiration to me the way he plays with one arm
Tom: Freddy Mercury... I'm sure you've all heard what his dinner parties were like...? :P
Alex: Bastard I was gonna say that! Motley Crue would be a laugh!
Rob: Slash!

Favourite Disney film? (we've all got one)
Gaz: The Jungle Book, easy!
Alex: Hands down ‘The Lion King!’ Although I love Aladdin and The Jungle Book too!

Tom: HAHA! (lost my virginity to the lion king sound track!!!) It's gotta be the jungle book... I'm the king of the swingers... Well, no actually I'm not... but I would enjoy being an orangutang. So that's something at least.
Rob: Jungle book


Piece of technology could you not live without?

Rob: I could live without technology tbh, it annoys me!

Alex: Iphone 4s. I can’t believe I used to survive without one of these bad boys!

Tom: I am a geek in disguise... at first everyone in the band thought I was cool, through slow realization, they found I am nothing but a fashion conscious nerd! ha! My iMac is a sexy beast, it does everything I want, when I want... well... not EVERYTHING... but it is damn schweet!

Gaz: Xbox 360.

If you ruled the world what would you do?

Tom: Send Alex McCabe to an 'all you can eat' stripper buffet, send Gaz Haigh back to the 80's, and chain Rob James to a lampost somewhere in st Helens... because it would annoy him... Then live a peaceful life! ....NOT! I would reestablish morals and humane decency, rid the world of the parasite we call money and get real hippyficated... that and demand that everyone in the world greets each other with either high fives or hugs. yup. That's what I would do.
Gaz: I would get rid of X-Factor and that cunt Simon Cowell for a start.
Alex: Tom you know me so well! I’m gonna copy Tom and say abolish evil money and create a resource based economy where no one has to work and everyone is equal and lives a nice, comfortable live. Kind of like a Utopia. If anyone is wondering what the fuck I’m talking about watch Zeitgeist! I’m also gonna say destroy Simon Cowell and bring back real music into the charts!
Rob: Get rid of tory politics, allow people to walk the streets naked, everyone gets a limitless credit card.

The first album you ever brought was?
Alex: Sum 41 – Does this look infected. And some thieving fucker stole it from me. If the thief in question is reading this I have a message for him. One day I will find you, and I will beat you, fat shit!
Gaz: Well the first album i ever listened to was a rock compilation called 'The Greatest Rock Album In The World...Ever'
Tom: Tape album (yeah baby, old school) Will Smith - Big Willy Style (lol)
CD Album, Blink 182 - Enema of the state 
Rob: Michael Jackson History album! on tape!

Me: All these taps is making me feel little...  
The most embarrassing album? 
Tom: HA! Loads of them! Tbh I have no problem with liking lame music as well as super cool music.. if you like it, you like it.. nuff said..
Alex: Spice Girls, but technically I didn’t buy it, my mother bought it and I used to play it a lot, I was very young and fancied Emma Bunton!
Rob: Busted LIVE!

Me: If it makes you feel better mine was High School Musical. 

I know you're going on tour soon, what is your favourite part about touring?
Rob: Putting VILE things into google translate to keep alex up all night, and i also enjoy belly laughs, and the arguments between gaz and alex need to be filmed and sold!

Alex: A disgusting game we play called ‘Pooing.’ It’s horrible when someone gets you with it, but when it happens to Gaz Haigh and he kicks off it’s fucking hilarious!

Tom: It's gotta be the pissing your pants, my face feels like it going to fall off, lung aching, side splitting belly laughs... there's always more than a few moments.
Gaz:: The experience of going to different places and playing to different people every night.
What was the first song you wrote were you thought 'wow this is good'?
Tom: Mellow Stages - The first song I wrote actually, not being arrogant or anything, but it was about my best friend and his decline into drugs and shit that doesn't matter. I miss you Enders.
Alex: ‘The End’ which is on our second EP ‘Wake Up.’ I was only 15 at the time but I knew it was good. I think most of my songs are good though, otherwise I wouldn’t have the confidence to bring them to band practice and say ‘’Hey let’s work on this song I wrote, it’s really cool!’’
Rob: It's happened a few times, but then the more i listen to it, the more i think it sucks, so i just delete it and restart!

Gaz: Would have to be My Empire.

What is your favourite lyric you've written and why?]
Alex: The line ‘’You won’t forget the pain, because your tears will leave a stain, on you.’’ from our upcoming video single ‘My Empire.’ There is a lot of meaning for me behind those lyrics for me, but I think they’re also words that everybody can relate to.

Tom: "There is no alternative, for me" - I have my reasons. I wish I never wrote 'The STD Song' though... Fuck that backfired!

You're stuck on a island, you're allowed 1 book, 1 album and 1 person (dead, alive, fictional) Who/what do you pick?
Rob: FRONT magazine, wasting light by the foo fighters and i'd sooner be on my own cause I'd just end up eating the fucker.

Tom: The Karma Sutra... ;)
        Bob Marley - The Complete Anthology, that would be daaaaaaaamn good on a desert island :D
        A person that will only be named as '2211'... yes, you know who you are.
Gaz: Book: Heartbreak & Triumph (Shawn Michaels) Album: Motley Crue - Dr. Feelgood, Person: Pancho from Dirty Sanchez.
Alex: Something along the lines of ‘’How to survive on a desert Island. The Colour and the shape – Foo Fighters and Moses so he could part the sea and we could get the hell off the island!

Who's you're favourite band at the moment?
Alex:  Well I have my all time favourites. But the bands I’m listening to most at the moment are Young Guns and The King Blues.
Tom: Molotov Jukebox - It's all about the folk revival!
Rob: Dave Matthews Band. (if you haven't heard of em, I'm going to destroy this interview!)

GazAt the monent, Crashdiet.

When did you first start getting into music? Has it always been a big part of your life?
Tom: My dad told me when I was 15 that I was conceived at a Dire Straits concert... after getting over the initial horror of finding out my parents had fucked I quite liked the concept... not the act.. Dad that's just gross... but the concept, yes! I've always felt the rhythm as long as I can remember, but I guess the flash point was just after starting to play the piano my parents took me to see Jools Holland... from that point I was well and truly hooked.
Alex: I’ve always loved music, I used to play violin (badly) when I was little. Then I kind of got into reggae and salsa music. Then when I turned 14 all of a sudden I started listening to Grunge and Funk then Gaz introduced me to Pop Punk bands like Blink 182 and Greenday and I decided I wanted to write songs and be in a rock band! So yeah I’d say its always played a big part in my life, without music life would be fucking shit and boring!
Rob: I started playing guitar at the age of 8! Since then I've just followed it, im still fucking poor though! But I won't give up, oh no.

Gaz: I was into music from an early age, as early as 5 years old listening to Queen, i have been brought up with it.

When it comes to writing what do you write first, music or lyrics?
Tom: Both, whatever comes in my head needs writing the fuck down, my memory is crap to say the least. I find get all of your thoughts gathered and mash it all together. But more often than not, inspiration for music comes much more erratically and will just click, at that moment immerse yourself in it and don't let go.
Alex: I agree with Tom, he does have the worst human memory I’ve ever encountered! We’re starting to write together now rather than separately but sometimes it is hard as inspiration happens really randomly, and at that point you have to stop whatever else you’re doing and start using that inspiration. I normally get a random snippet of melody, lyrics and chords in my head, then I grab an acoustic guitar, usually write the vocal melody and chord patterns simultaneously and then the lyrics come afterwards.

What would you do in a Zombie apocalypse?
Alex: Kill myself.
Rob: Kill Everything!
Tom: Dual wielding 50 cals and a thirst to kick some zombie ass! That, or go hide in a toy shop.
Me: A top shop? Ok....

Where to you want to be in ten years?
Alex: I’m a bit of a dreamer. I want to be at that level when Silver Story is an internationally known band, preferably playing world arena tours and having a great time. Anything less than that I will be slightly disappointed, but I guess I would settle for just doing what I love and making a comfortable living.
Tom: Doing what I love, music and my girl.
Rob: It would be nice to drive a fast car!
Gaz: Doing what I’m doing now, only a bit richer!

Bands Facebook were you can here the first EP Wake up:  and there new EP Arts and Vandals 
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