Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Today's band is a 4 piece Alt rock band from guess where? Birmingham! This is Franklyn. I first heard this band through Facebook.
Another Way In. Starts with a strong guitar riff before the vocals come in, gently to start but builds energy to a good chorus, you may find at first the vocals can seem a little lost in the chorus but I found the more I listened to the song the clearer I found them. Loving the guitars through out the song, maybe a little repetitive in the lyrics but not bad. Pretty good song, there was something similar about the song but I do think this band has some originality. 
Take Me Down. Starts again with just a guitar riff but softer this time, as the vocals join also with a softer edge you might think its was going to be a softer song till it reachs the chorus. Strong guitar and just as strong and powerful vocals make for an epic chorus. 
Alive. And this song starts with the most epic guitars so far! Energy is bleeding out of this song, vocals good again but again need to be listened to a few times to get them probably. 
This band has talent and originality to back it up, I can imagine them going mad on stage, jumping around and getting the crowd involved. 
Em xxx

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