Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Today I have something I want to say. This is a post about how one of my good friends had been helped by the unsigned world.

My friend has been suffering from depression for a few years and in her own words "If I didn't have these bands in my life I wouldn't have been able to fight through everything, I would have just given up at the start, these bands literally saved my life" Bands such as Halfway To Hollywood, Neon Sarcastic, Room 94, That Sunday Feeling, Strangle Kojak, We Start Partys, Burn So Bright, Hill Valley High, Hollywood, My Extraordinary, Page 44, Tonight We're Electric and Taking Hayley! Have and still are helping my friend through some of the hardest times of her life. They've helped her through their music, that's meaningful, full of life and will always make you smile; they've helped her by always being there when she needed someone to talk to, someone to lean on and someone to give her a hug; they've boosted her confidence, helped her make friends (I started talking her through Taking Hayley) and really made a HUGE impact on her life.

I don't being hateful of any signed artist (I do love some) but who would do that for one girl? I'm not talking about every artist because there're exceptions to every rule. But most chart artist (I'm not going to point fingers) wouldn't be able to do such a life changing thing to one fan. And chart music meaningful? No if you want to know about sex and having a party yeah chart music is great if you want deeper and to feel like you're not alone and someone is always there unsigned music is there.
Em xxx          

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