Sunday, 16 September 2012

Trophies are a 5 piece pop/punk band from Pittsburgh USA! And this there EP Room To Grow. I first heard this band through my friends.

Thee introduction is what I thought just a guitar riff and drums but then the vocals come in saying about 'This is for everyone who stood by us, and more importantly cast us aside' I can't say this made me excited about the rest of the EP but it wasn't bad.
Maurkice Bouncey (interesting name) from the first few seconds of this song its clear the guitar isn't amazing, its a bit muffled but once the vocals start it nearly over powers them. The vocals and lyrics are good with a small amount of sceamo in the background but I don't think that everything fits together that well.
Edgewood Acres. Again guitars not start great but seem to get better but goes again. The vocals seem to have a touch of Room 94 to them, again I think the vocals are good but the guitar is letting it down.
Room To Grow is diffident and its definitely the best song on the EP, the guitar are good and fit the song, the vocals are as awesome as ever and for the first time I can really hear the drums. The small amount of screamo is back and I like it. Best song on the Ep and one I'll be listening to a fair few times.
What You Want To Be. Interesting lyrics but I like it, something a bit diffident. Good song maybe this EP is turning out to be better than the first few songs. The guitar solo is awesome and I was even singing along!
Keep Your Hands To Yourself are straight away I think of Room 94, the vocals are on a similar line to some of 94s stuff expect the sreamo. Again a good song but I'm overly excited by this band I think they need a little something.  
Not a bad band with some pretty good stuff but they need something.
Em xxx

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